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With wonderful dreams and a bright belief in the future

The not-easy history of Luba Fomina touched me deeply. I will never forget my very first impression about this amazing girl: I called her mother, and instead of Valeria Fomina her daughter answered me. “Hello, Alice, will you come to visit us? Hurry, we are waiting for you!"- little Luba said it kindly and sincerely as if we were friends for many years. "What a beautiful voice, I thought then, − like an angel’s voice". Then I went to visit this girl for the first time, she just finished a difficult treatment, at her eight she beat the leukemia, has undergone several chemotherapy protocols, blood transfusion, intensive care...

I remember every day she saw a mountain of pills and often felt weak... A year and a half has passed. I visited this small miracle again. I wanted to hear her voice and know she's no as bad as before. To know that she is doing well.

"My dream is to go to school..."

When I walked into their apartment, Luba’s mother was busy − now Valeria works at home. In a glance I saw how she painted on the nails of her client's colorful landscape. It was very beautiful! For a very short time, Valeria had become a master, a real star. She builds nails, makes a perfect manicure, and draws amazing patterns on the nail... In the small room of her apartment in the dormitory there was a real beauty salon. Probably, when your child at any time can be ill, work at home is the best way and perhaps only one.

"You'll have to wait for me half an hour", said Valeria. "That's good,' I thought, because now I will be able to communicate with Luba privacy." And here she is! The little angel. She sits at her desk and diligently writes something in a notebook. Luba looks cheerfully and joyfully. As always, she sincerely and directly was delighted with my visit, ran up to me and hugged. Then she began to tell about her life. Now Luba studies at home. Every week she is visited by teachers of mathematics, history, science, foreign and Ukrainian literature, and Russian, English and Ukrainian languages. Luba loves to learn. Her favorite subject is math. On my question why exactly math, she answers: "Because the teacher is kind and good!". Luba admitted that now she wants to study in a regular secondary school, make new friends, but... unfortunately, so far, doctors do not recommend this. However, her mother promised Luba − take it to school as soon as possible.

"I’ll help people to heal!"

Already, Luba has lot of plans for the future. Most of all she wants to be, just imagine, a laboratory assistant! Girl wants to learn how to safely take the children's blood and to help people in treatment. Yet, when she grows up she wants to learn to cook. "As soon as I become an adult, I will get a job and buy myself and my mother a lot of kitchen equipment!" − she babbles to me. By the way, already now helps her mother select groceries and prepare lunch and dinner for the whole family.

I remember the last time I was visiting this girl I looked at her drawings with the charm. She told me how the drawing was distracting her at the hospital, as she poured out the accumulated emotions and pain in his works. Now Luba does not draw. My question is: "Why?" answers: Not in the mood. Soon Luba once again going to do a spinal tap, the next examination – she doesn't like, and every time very nervous before the procedure.

"I scare that it could come back..."

"In may 2014 Luba had a last chemotherapy block, says the girl's mother. − At first everything was fine. We thought that all our suffering is over, calmed down, and stopped to be afraid. And then suddenly level of platelets in the blood decreased. She got worse and worse... And tests and expensive treatment, pills got back. My fear cannot be described in words! I was very worried that the cancer had returned. She was examined. Luba was diagnosed with hepatitis C,B and yeast-like fungi in the stomach..."

To cure the fungal infection, Lyuba needed very expensive drugs, and, praise the Lord, the family was able to find the money. "I am very happy that Margarita f Gorbanenko continues to help our family, − says Valeria. − Thanks to the help of the Foundation "Children of Nikopol" we bought a lot of expensive medications. When we urgently needed money for treatment, the aid came even from where we waited. It's hard to believe, but when I ask totally strangers for help, almost all of them respond quickly and help us. How happy that despite the war in our country, people do not become embittered, has not ceased to be responsive, and were as open and compassionate as before."

Now Lyuba is much better, but the girl's family, unfortunately, always on the alert. "Honestly, we live from test to test, − says Valeria, − but, whatever happens, I always try not to show your child their feelings, because when I get nervous, she feels it and starts to get nervous with me. And I should take care of it..." I asked Valeria, what helps her not to break, always be strong and cheerful, her reply was unexpected: "a prayer helps me. You know, there are moments when I want to howl like a wolf… Often choosing between what to buy for my child: a candy, a toy, or medicine – I choose the last one. All pharmacies near our house, the pharmacists already know me, and jokingly call a "regular client". From all this, sometimes it is very hard, I want to sit and cry. But only I visit to Church makes me to grow wings for two weeks at least, and wonderfully I get such strength and there is a belief in my soul that we shall overcome it all..."

Probably every believer person, after reading these lines, smiled. To unbelievers it is difficult to understand, but a service in the Church really can comfort a heart, relieve sorrow, to give true joy. The prayer is an amazing thing, it helps us to feel as close with God and to understand that in this world we are not alone. Let us all earnestly and sincerely pray for Nikopol inhabitants, who were able to defeat dreaded diseases, will never be found traces of the disease, and especially fervently pray for the children who are now fighting for their lives. After all, we – those who call ourselves "believers" – must not be indifferent, we just have to pray for those who most need a miracle.


Alisa Matviyenko

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