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The doctors said that she would not survive... But she could! It’s a real miracle!

When I entered the apartment of the girl, who recently survived a terrible accident, I met an ideal family: strict and severe father; caring, hospitable mom – so nice, so effulgent - that it was really impossible to understand all love this woman was full in; and youngest daughter looking like a princess, who quickly run through the house, smiled, and sometimes funny spoiled. Elder daughter sat in the room. This fifteen years old girl survived a serious accident and for several months had been being between life and death...

I saw I should see a broken girl, but she was like a gentle, sweet flower, and smiled me happily. Her eyes sparkled by hope, happiness, youth! Speaking with I understood as kind and cheerful person was sitting in front of me!

Why everything in life is so hard? How can it be that these good people had so horrendous experience, such pain, the struggle? I know that everything happened due to God’s will, His great Providence, which cares us, does the best for us, and directs us to the best way. Just sometimes it's so difficult to understand ... God, have mercy on us sinners, and save us!

Nastya’s mother - Tatiana Shovkuta - told me: “Road accident happened on July 29 at 20.50, in the central market area, not far from the hairdressing salon, "Hussar". Our Nastya has never walked on the street for a long time; she always came home to the 9 o'clock. That evening, she asked her friends not to accompany her, she planned to back home alone ... I remember that I started to call her, because I had felt something, but the daughter’s phone did not answer. A few minutes later her friend came to us, crying and screaming. She told us that Nastya had met with a car accident.

Doctors told that her state of health was critical, she may not survive. We wept near doctors, just begged them to save our daughter. At night, we went to Dnepropetrovsk, and at 4.00 am were in the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Children's Hospital (Kosmicheskaya str., 13). Nastya was into a hospital for check up, she had tomography, and she was diagnosed with terrible diseases…. It's impossible to describe our feelings at that time..."

Tatiana Valerievna gives me copies of papers from the hospital, and one sheet of them was fully filled by diagnoses list: severe traumatic brain injury, brain contusion of 2-3 stage, intracerebral hematoma, subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding between the brain membranes), wound cavity ileum (lower part of the abdomen) and the right knee contused. As complications there were intracerebral cyst, hemiparesis (Nastya’s left side of the body was paralyzed), ophthalmoplegia and mydriasis (paralysis of the muscles) and the right eye apple dilation. Additionally, girl had inflammations: endobronchitis, tracheitis, and that's not all list...

Nastya has stayed in a coma for 15 days. All these days her parents were near the girl and felt themselves like in a prostration. Nastya’s mother continued: “At that time I could not think of anything else. Whom am I had to call for help, where could I get money for treatment? Every day Nastya’s being in hospital cost us about 2000-2500 UAH. I don’t know how cope with it without kind people help.

Of course, all the relatives, friends helped as best they could, but most of all I was surprised by absolutely stranger people help. I had never heard of the charity fund “Nikopol Kids”, I had not known about foundation, which can help in a difficult situation.

Nastya's friends were associated with the management of the foundation. Just imagine my reaction, when head of this foundation - Margarita Gorbanenko - called me and comforted me, asked of their help to us, about money transfer way. I said that I had being always in Dnepropetrovsk, and dictated the address of my mother. And how we were pleasantly shocked of strange people visiting my mother to give us money. They gave us for 500 UAH and more, and did it repeatedly.

My mother still cries; she can not calm down after that grief, and she often says, "I do not know how to look people’s eyes, so I grateful to them..." Later, we opened a bank account for money collecting. The money came from friends, relatives, charity foundation, strangers who had learned about our grief from ads or had read online at "Nikopol Kids" web-site. Valery Pasikov (director of "Security System") helped us financially very much. He is persistent donator of charity foundation “Nikopol Kids”. I had never thought that there are a lot of so responsive people. During those three months of Nastya’s being at hospital we spent about 70,000 UAH. I can’t imagine how we with my husband coped with this without help…. Everyone helped us like God had led them...

In such a situation we could do nothing without the support. What a good clinic we were! Doctors, nurses were very concerned about us, always comforted us. Neurosurgeon Igor Shcherbaty helped us very much despite of he wasn’t our treating doctor. I could call him at any time and ask me what to do; he always gave advice on treatment, comforted. He always said to me: "Do not worry! We’ll raise her! We’ll cure her!" I remember one day Nastya had fever above 40 degrees, I did not know what to do, she really “burned up”, but our doctor and nurses were busy with other patients, I went to this doctor, and he immediately came and helped us to bring the temperature down. Now, when Nastya is already home, he can just call and ask how she is doing, what progress is being made. They are very nice people!

Also, I couldn’t think about Nastya studying. I didn’t think about her education, how to make out all right… After 9th grade, some times before the accident Nastya had entered the Nikopol European College. And how nice it was when I was called by Natalia Talibova (Nastya’s class teacher at school number 4, where she had studied before), and advised that to do with education, helped us to execute documents. So, Nastya will study at home for 10 and 11 grades.

Just calls and worm words of our friend and relatives added us moral power; it helped us not to not give up! If you were knew about Nastya’s friend help! They visited us in Dnepropetrovsk, and Nastya’s boy friend- Vladimir- constantly come to hospital for every two days, he combined these trips with his work. He, “Nikopol Kids” foundation and youth organized a fund-raising charity marathon for the treatment of Nastya on August, 18-19. They collected about 3000UAH. I want to say thank you all! I'm just ready to bow at to every person who helped us...

After that, I try to help to other sick children. I remember it was a girl from Ordzhonikidze in the hospital, which fell down from the 4th floor, she needed a large amount for the treatment, but no one helped them as much as helped us. I tried a little bit to help them financially. I strongly remember the baby-girl, who had to do major surgery abroad, and this operation cost a lot of money. Her parents were standing in the street near the hospital, and so cried, screamed as they begged passers-by people for help. I also tried to help as much as I could. It's very scary. This is not running out of memory. Today, I think I have to help other sick children, because people helped us very much. I think it is my duty. Today I always try to donate money to the boxes for sick children money collection, which are set in shops, churches. To buy a juice, yogurt or diapers for sick ailing baby is a help too, isn’t it?

We had been praying for all the time of Nastya’s illness. In Dnepropetrovsk we visited different monasteries, cathedrals. At hospital Nastya was visited by the priest, who performed holy last rites (church sacrament, where the priest anoints the sick person's body with holy oil for the healing of physical ailments and leaving him/her of all the sins, he/she has not had time to repent). The priest gave me a lot of advice, said that everything happens only because of God’s will; Lord has sent this to us to rethink our life, its values. I still pray for all those who helped us and for the health of the driver who knocked down our daughter. I always light a candle in the church for him. He did not help us, and even threatened... This is very painful. I would like to hear just some words of encouragement regret from him. But anyway, I do not wish him evil, let him be all right.

At the moment of Nastya’s came out of the coma, her mother and her parents were not near her. We saw that we had received a call from the hospital and were afraid. We were always afraid to answer these calls, because we were afraid to be told the worst news. And what a blessing it was to hear that Nastya had opened one eye. She gradually began to recover. At first, she did not speak, 75% of her body was paralyzed, the right arm and leg were removed, she had problems with her eye, but step by step she was recovering. It was not easy to be in the general hospital room, where we were at first. There were 6 sick children and six their mothers. Generally this hospital room was good, but there was too stuffy and too noisy. And the first time Nastya general was breathing heavily, she was breathing through a respirator. I remember when I fed her through a tube and stylet, which had been introduced into the stomach through the nasal passages...

When we were still transferred to a cubicle, we were very happy. I so wanted my child to return to this world in an atmosphere of comfort and loving people. I decorated all the walls and ceiling of the room with colored balls; glued large, bright poster that had pictures of Nastya with her favorite friends, relatives, boy friend, with pictures of school events. She was so active in school: sang, danced and performed at every concert ... But what she was glad when her friends had come to the hospital! They liked so much our decorated cubicle, everyone said: “It’s so beautiful! It's so comfortable, as if it were at home."

We were very expected at home. For all time of Nastya’s treatment, the younger daughter (Ksenia turns 3) lived with his grandmother. She always asked “Grandma, When mom will come?” and “Where's my Natusya (she calls her sister by this name)?”. We back home on October 15. It's a miracle! Doctors often told us that everything was very difficult, that she can not cope with, but that's Nastya was discharged from hospital and she came home! "

Girl doesn’t remember her being at coma and car accident. She is very happy she finally returned to her beloved home. Today doctor comes every day to Nastya for therapeutic massages making, her parents do every day with their daughter restoring exercises. Nastya walks around the apartment, keeping the mother and father's hand. Today she from the sofa to the chair in the hall. During those weeks, she had being at home, she was able to make great strides, and she speaks well now. Soon teachers from the school will visit her, girl dreams to go to the 11th grade in her 4th school. When you ask her what she wants to be in the future, Nastya says she wants to become a massage therapist. A house of the Shovkuta family is always full of guests. Nasty constantly is visited by friends, her boy-friend Vova comes every day. During time I had visited them, grandmother called Anastasia for several times. All people are worry about her, care her, and try to give her as much love, as she needs to recover.
Her mother tells: “Now I do not want to remember everything we've been through.
I tried to have control over myself. I knew, nobody would care Nastya, if I have relaxed, started to yearn, etc. Today, I always try her to laugh, to have fun, joke with her; just she will not guess my feelings”. But Nastya whispers to me: “I know my mother’s feelings”.
This family is a miracle too. Despite of all problems, they had passed, they kept their chins up. If you would only know how much optimism, joy and positivity can be obtained from a simple conversation with these people! And talking with them, you realize that all the words of our world obduracy are not true! There are a lot of good, kindhearted, sincere people in our life. There are caring, humanity and real actions. You just do not give up. Despite of the trials that fate sends - always believe, hope and love. In our life, miracles still occur.

Alisa Matvienko

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