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Самое большое счастье

AlenaShvorob 002

...Что происходит в нашем мире? Как же часто в последнее время мы стали слышать о том, что онкоболезнь забрала очередную человеческую жизнь... Очередного нашего знакомого. Очередного близкого человека... Как же это страшно! Хочется плакать. И выть. От беспомощности. И как же радостно узнать, что очередной боец, очередной воин победил это страшное заболевание. Какое это чудо! Какое это хрупкое, почти хрустальное счастье. Его боишься потерять... Что может быть прекраснее? Что может быть радостнее, чем такая победа? Лично для меня, это сравнимо с пасхальной радостью. С радостью за Христа, победившего смерть. Именно такая радость объяла меня, когда я узнала, что подопечная благотворительного фонда «Детям Никополя» Алёнка Швороб теперь окончательно здорова.

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With wonderful dreams and a bright belief in the future

The not-easy history of Luba Fomina touched me deeply. I will never forget my very first impression about this amazing girl: I called her mother, and instead of Valeria Fomina her daughter answered me. “Hello, Alice, will you come to visit us? Hurry, we are waiting for you!"- little Luba said it kindly and sincerely as if we were friends for many years. "What a beautiful voice, I thought then, − like an angel’s voice". Then I went to visit this girl for the first time, she just finished a difficult treatment, at her eight she beat the leukemia, has undergone several chemotherapy protocols, blood transfusion, intensive care...

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Little martyr

Most likely you came across announcements on buses or on the walls of the houses saying: “Luba Fomina is in urgent need for the help! … Acute lymphoblastic leukemia …” Looking at her picture you wonder how an 8-year-old can fight blood cancer? It’s really scary… But you can’t even imagine what this girl actually had to go through.

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In his two - he feared neither chemotherapy nor surgery. He bravely endured everything

It is terrible to imagine the feelings of 2-years old boy parents, knowing he had cancer, he would get surgery, and his treatment would be long and painful treatment with awful complications: whole body would be shivering and vomiting would not stop for hours. They were worried how he would be able to endure all this? I’d like to tell you about a child, who has pass all this suffering, and has not show to his parents how he had been being afraid for all time of treatment. A small child was able to overcome the struggle for life bravely and boldly, like he would be an adult.

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The doctors said that she would not survive... But she could! It’s a real miracle!

When I entered the apartment of the girl, who recently survived a terrible accident, I met an ideal family: strict and severe father; caring, hospitable mom – so nice, so effulgent - that it was really impossible to understand all love this woman was full in; and youngest daughter looking like a princess, who quickly run through the house, smiled, and sometimes funny spoiled. Elder daughter sat in the room. This fifteen years old girl survived a serious accident and for several months had been being between life and death...

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