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Our wards

Melina Sofia

Melina Sofia

Collection closed!

Child: Melina Sofia, born on March 2, 2012.

Diagnosis: epilepsy.

Every time parents turn to us for help to save their children, the heart stops. And when it is a little beauty, the daughter of the defender of Ukraine, then you want to help as soon as possible.

Meet our new little ward Melina Sofia.

Sofiyka is a very long-awaited daughter, she was born with a weight of 950 g and a height of 33 cm. For three months, her parents and doctors nursed Sofiyka in the Dnipro hospital.

Premature birth caused a cholesteatoma, a tumor in which the back wall of the ear canal was removed. It turned out that the tumor is benign.

At the last examination, another problem was revealed - a sinus cyst was diagnosed, which must be removed.

A month before the diagnosis of the cyst, the girl had two seizures. The doctors' conclusion is epilepsy. Doctors prescribed taking anticonvulsant drugs with an increase in the dose and constant inpatient examination in the city of Dnipro.

But even with the harshest diagnoses, children always remain children. Sofiyka likes to ride a bicycle, her favorite subject at school is the environment, in the future she dreams of becoming a doctor, and the most important dream is our Victory!

In order to determine exactly which gene is damaged and provide high-quality treatment, an expensive analysis is required, which, unfortunately, is not carried out in our country.

Currently, Sofia has a great weakness, but she is a great patriot of her country and is very much waiting for the Victory, she misses her dad very much, who has been defending our country since the beginning of the war, but the girl is trying not to lose heart and is very much looking forward to meeting her.

We announce a fee for genetic analysis.

The amount to be collected is UAH 26,000.

The bill is split into two parts.

The first bill is for UAH 10,000. which is paid in Ukraine and the second for $349 (+tax) is paid to the INVITAE research center.

Be sure to indicate "for Sofia" in the designated ones.

Payment details of the Foundation:


Payment details (EUR):
Company name: Nikopol Regional Charitable Fund Nikopol's children
Account number: 26009050226968
Name of the bank: Privatbank, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Company address: 79 A. Shevchenko str.. Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region, 53200 (Ukraine)
IBAN Code: UA173052990000026009050226968
Account in the correspondent bank: 400886700401
SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank: COBADEFF
Correspondent bank: Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Details of payment: non-refundable financial aid

Payment details (USD):
BENEFICIARY: Charity Fund "Nikopol's children"
ACCOUNT: 26009050226968
49094, Ukraine Dniepropetrovsk
Naberezhnaya Pobedy 50
CORR.ACCOUNT: 6231605145
IBAN Code: UA553052990000026008050331951
Details of payment: non-refundable financial aid

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Melina Sofia

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