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Adam Babich

Adam Babich

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Child: Babich Adam, born on June 14, 2016.

Diagnosis: Childhood autism.

Our fund has been taking care of this boy since November 2020. Our ward, 4-years-old Adam Babych, has childhood autism. Adam was born quite a healthy baby, although the birth was long and very difficult, the child had a double umbilical cord wrap, doctors had to fight for his life.

Deviations in development appeared when it was time to start talking, there is still no language, and he was soon five years old, his parents did not understand what was wrong with him. They turned to a psychologist, she immediately determined what was wrong with the baby, and recommended to consult a psychiatrist at the Institute of Psychiatry of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in Kyiv, where the diagnosis was made.

Adam was recently given a disability. He goes to a specialized kindergarten and periodically visits the Nikopol Specialized Center for Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Children.

Adamchyk lives in his world of cartoons (in his head). It's so much easier for him. It is closed. Any negative emotion is frustration, anxiety, and sometimes aggression.

Adam lags far behind his peers in development, his parents and sixteen-year-old brother find it difficult to communicate with him, they do not understand him, they only guess, and Adam himself does not understand everything.

On the recommendation of a psychiatrist, the boy must undergo a one-year course of treatment with the drug Abix (memantine hydrochloride), the cost of one package of which is 1700-1800 hryvnias, this is per month of admission.

Unfortunately, the family cannot pay for it on their own. A family of modest budjet, whose budget consists of a small social assistance for disability and the salary of a mother who works part-time as a nurse in a pharmacy, and the father is a priest in a village church.

Parents try to spend as much time as possible with their son, because he is not independent, he needs constant supervision and maintenance.

Friends, let's help this family become a part of our world. Any amount of donation is very important. Don't stay away - help Adam.

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Adam Babich

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