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Veronika and Victoria Grabchuk

Veronika and Victoria Grabchuk

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Children: Grabchuk Veronika and Victoria, born on November 5, 2003

Diagnosis: Bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.

Meet the twin girls - Victoria and Veronica. Girls are 17 years old.

Upon learning of the long-awaited pregnancy, the family was very happy, because they were doubly happy.

 But they had no idea that their lives would be divided into "before" and "after", and the family would be forced to fight for the health of their daughters.

At first sight, the common flu, which affects all children and adults, has made some adjustments.

At the age of 3, girls got the flu. Due to the high temperature, they lost their hearing and stopped talking at all. Since then, the family has struggled for health and the return of hearing to little girls. Their mother took her daughters all over the country, to different doctors and professors.

The Grabchuk family is very friendly and loving. Parents give everything they can to their angels to help and organize better living conditions. The children were diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss of 2 degrees.

There is a state program that provides one device per child for free, but girls need 4 pieces. The children could not hear or say anything in these machines.

Parents were forced to buy quality machines. At the age of four, Victoria and Veronica began to understand sounds better and began to talk a little. But it's all thanks to the hard work of parents. It was necessary to start from scratch. Mother Tatiana glued pictures in her notebook to study every letter, every word with her daughters. Until the 4th grade,their mother could not work at all, she took care of the children, drove them to kindergartens, schools, sports and art clubs. The girls were greatly helped by a kindergarten for the deaf in the city of Dnipro. The children started reading after 2 months of classes. But after a while the devices had to be strengthened again. And not through the state program, but by own efforts. With the new devices, children began to speak better and recognize different sounds and noises.

The girls' mother has 3rd disability group, chronic pyelonephritis of the single kidney.

In addition to all hearing problems, girls are diagnosed with Ushera Syndrome, a rare complex disease with many symptoms, but the main one is progressive vision loss.

The girls are very talented artists, they have won many Ukrainian, International and city competitions. Two books with their illustrations dedicated to the legends of Nikopol "Little Scythian", "Cossacks Spolom" (author Sergei Kustov) were published. The girls played table tennis and have many awards and diplomas. But bad hearing makes some adjustments in learning and it is harder for them than for ordinary children. Despite this, they have achieved a lot with their efforts.

Now parents are saving their eyesight, trying to stop the process. In the summer, the girls treated their eyes at the Filatov clinic, and the family ran out of supplies. Treatment is expensive, before all the doctor's appointments must pass genetic tests, and it costs a lot. Such a rare disease in our country does not know how to be treated. Quarantine and financial difficulties of the family prevent you from going somewhere and looking for something.

But life goes on, and girls need to take external examinations, enter university, get a profession. In summer, the girls go to the hospital for two weeks for eye prevention. Therefore, costs exceed revenues.

We need help to buy devices, this is a vital thing for them and it needs to be changed every 5-7 years. In order for girls to study properly at the university, high-quality devices are needed so that they can recognize teachers from domestic noise. It is happened that eye treatment without hearing aids is impossible.

Having hearing problems does not mean being a defective person, because to overcome this disease you only need hearing aids, perseverance and a great desire not to give up!

Today you can become an important participant in the lives of Victoria and Veronica. Girls deserve this "ordinary" and so incredible for us ability - to hear!

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Veronika and Victoria Grabchuk Veronika and Victoria Grabchuk Veronika and Victoria Grabchuk Veronika and Victoria Grabchuk Veronika and Victoria Grabchuk Veronika and Victoria Grabchuk Veronika and Victoria Grabchuk Veronika and Victoria Grabchuk

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