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Our wards

Дорошенко Наталя

Дорошенко Наталя

Дитина: Дорошенко Наталя Вікторівна 21.09.2005 р.н.

Діагноз: Гострий лімфоцитарний лейкоз

Чотирнадцятирічна дівчина бореться за своє життя.

Ось так буває, що раптово приходить біда. Так буває, що хворіє дитина. У цієї красивої, блакитноокої дівчини онкологічне захворювання.

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Оксана Огли

Оксана Огли

Дитина:  Огли Оксана 13.01.2014 р.н.
Діагноз: двостороння сенсоневральна туговухість I-II ст.

Знайомтеся, наша нова підопічна — Оксаночка Огли. Дівчинці скоро виповниться 6 років. У неї є турботлива мама, яка ласкаво називає її Сюней, ошатні речі, які вона вибирає собі сама, як справжня модниця, улюблена домашня собачка Чарлі та улюблені іграшки. Але немає — здоров'я... Оксана чує далеко не всі звуки, їй не знайомі спів птахів, шум дощу або шелест листя ... І навіть мову інших людей вона сприймає спотворено.

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Maxim and George Biletskiy

maksimigeorgiibiletckii 000

Children: Biletskiy Maxim, Date of birth: December 16, 2005; Biletsky George, Date of birth: May 06, 2011

Diagnosis: Connective tissue dysplasia. Secondary mitochondrial dysfunction. Hyperhomocysteinemia. Violation of activity of enzymes of the folate cycle.

Our Foundation was applied for help by Maxim and George's mother- Marina. And that's the story she shared with us.

Our son Maxim was born in 2005, but our happiness was immediately overshadowed by the fact that the child was born with bilateral clubfoot, and torticollis with hemorrhage in the eye.

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Artem Bartosh

artembartosh 000Artem Bartosh Date of birth: April 03, 2015

Diagnosis: infectious epicardium, blood sepsis.

Artem was born on April 3, 2015 in Ordzhonikidze hospital at 36 weeks of pregnancy. Three hours after his birth, the child stopped breathing, and he was urgently transported by emergency aircraft to the Newborns Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Department of Dnipropetrovsk children clinical hospital.

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Malyugin Bogdan

Child: Malyugin Bogdan, Date of birth: 20.07.2013

Diagnosis: diabetes mellitus, type 1, moderate

The boy was born a healthy baby, at the age of 9 months his mother noticed, that the boy uneasily behaved, he is weak, had shortness of breath, vomiting. Parents called the ambulance and he emergency was transferred to Dnipropetrovsk Regional children clinical hospital in the intensive care unit because of his serious condition caused by disruption of metabolic processes in the body becase of the lack of insulin.

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Dima Zhivotov

Our new ward Dima Zhivotov for his 8 years has never said the word “mom”, has never run with his friend, has never read a book…

He was born and he lives. He lives because of his mother hasn’t left him. He was born in a family of Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident liquidator. I was the shock for parents, that this boy doesn’t see, hear and is into his own world due to genetic disease and disorder of the nervous system.

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