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September is a Month of Help to Liza Fateeva

Dear benefactors, friends! Charitable Foundation "Nikopol Kids" declares September as a month of help to Liza Fateeva.

The Foundation addresses to the educational institutions, enterprises and organizations to organize money collection for the treatment of girls. BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION FROM THE NOT RELATED DONOR is the most expensive procedure in medicine.

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Conference “Diagnostics and treatment of children and adults with sarcomas of bone and soft tissues” report

Scientific and practical conference of doctors-oncologists and volunteers concluded that today cancer fighting activity of charity and social organizations is very important.

The second scientific and practical conference with international participation “Diagnostics and treatment of children and adults with sarcomas of bone and soft tissues” took place 20-21 June 2013 at the hotel “Tourist” conference hall, in Kiev. Conference was on sections: clinical, where doctors-oncologists from Ukraine, Russia, Austria and other states took parts, and section of non-profitable organizations. The section of non-profitable organizations was represented by volunteer groups, funds, fund-raising organizations and firstly this conference was visited by children, who had won cancer. Our town was presented by our winner- Yulia Bugaeva.

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Fund-raising Charity Marathon for Yulia Pavlukovskaya

Our charitable fund “Nikopol Kids” patronizes children. Children, who need help and maintenance immediately. Today two kids from nearby town Ordzhonikidze need our help and maintenance. There is a calamity in their life. Their are wonderful, kind and gentle mother is being in a coma now due to anaphylactic shock after medicament injection. Their mother Yuila had been being in coma for month.

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Pometiy Rustam and David

Child: Pometiy Rustam. Date of birth: 01.04.2001. Diagnosis: thrombocytopenic purpura

Child: Pometiy David. Date of birth: 05.08.2003. Diagnosis: uvenile rheumatoid arthritis

The request for large family support was received from city social service. The three children are brought up at this family, but two of them need permanent and costly treatment.

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Presents before birthday

Due to the tradition, on the first days of June we make a contribution to the equipment of surgery and oncology department of the Dnepropetrovsk regional children's clinical hospital. This case our foundation together with charity fund "Pchelka (Bee)" from Odessa purchased games room furniture set for children treating at this department.

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Charity concert joined citizens together

Fourth charity concert "Zhyty zavtra - (To live tomorrow)" took place 19, February 2013 at the concert hall of ferroalloys plant. Such concert holding became a good tradition in our town. All creative teams, talented artists of Nikopol and visitors from Dnepropetrovsk showed by their performance to the cancer -diagnosed children and their families that they are not alone, that they are supported by all citizens.

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Auction - which gives hope...

We have just had a wonderful holiday – the Candlemas Day. But this day, the 15th of February, is also the international day of children with oncological illnesses. What is the purpose of this day? The main purpose is to give hope to all the children and their parents; to let them know that there is still a chance that they will be able to overcome this terrible disease.

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The fourth charity concert “Live tomorrow”

February 19, at 6 p. m. at the Palace of Culture of NFP (Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant) the fourth charity concert "Live Tomorrow" will be held. This concert is timed to the World Day of the Child with Cancer. The purpose of this event is to raise funds for the treatment of children from the oncology department of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Hospital.

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