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A Charity auction on the Saint Nicholas Day was held

nikolay 2015 000On December 19, Charity fair ''Angel of hope'' was held at the Palace of culture and sports of Nikopol Ferroalloys Plants. There were a lot of preparations, experiences, expectations... and not in vain! The fair was held in an atmosphere of smiles, positive, fun, friendliness and good mood.

All participants were perfectly prepared, and it was very pleased that even before event the visitors began to come to tables, to interest and to buy the products of our craftsmen.

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Don't forget to come back! We launch a flashmob in social networks

hands 001"...All were fully recognized as free from leprosy. Some times later one of them back to Christ and fell at His feet and thanked for healing from this terrible disease. Christ said: "Ten were cleansed, weren’t they? Where are the nine? Why they didn’t back to give glory to God except this foreigner?"

For nearly five years people, our Foundation has been being applied by people, who due to circumstances are not able to pay for their treatment or treatment of their children.

Each of them has its own history, its own problem. Someone musters up all his strength and tries to get out of difficulties; someone applies us intermediately without trying to do something by himself. Especially injure fact are case of prosperous, in general, family just don't want to incur "additional" costs for the treatment of their children. Contrary to them, families, who asked for help in dire need in difficult times, back and offer their helpful hands to other needy children and adults.

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Let’s all togeather help Elena to fight cancer

helenavorobei 001Vorobey Elena Vasillievna Date of birth: 16.06.1976

Diagnosis: left breast cancer Т2N0M1 (bones), IV stage

In September 2014, a young woman appealed the medical center "Impulse" for an oncologist consultation because she had found a seal in her left breast. She passed a mammogram, which showed a tumor with 39 mm x 28 mm sizes. The diagnosis was disappointing: breast cancer, the tumor metastasized to the spine. Elena’s life turned over.

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Fundraising boxes location changes

Our GOOD and MERCIFUL HELPERS, all those who do not pass boxes to collect funds for the treatment of children. We are hurry to inform you that we have placed two donation boxes: in the store "Empire of Nature" on Karl Marx str., 193 (it’s the railway station districs) and on the Central Lodge of PJSC "NFP". More information about the location of boxes can be found in the Contact section.


The chance for LIFE. Help to save Marina!!!

Dernovaya Maria Yuryevna Date of birth: 19.10.1979

Diagnosis: Primary biliary cirrhosis. Cholestasis syndrome. Portal hypertension. Varicose veins of the esophagus II – III stage.

Marina has been being ill since 2006, when she firstly feeled the pain in the right hypochondrium, rash all over body and severe itching. She appeled a therapist in the local clinic, the therapist directer her to a dermatologis. The young woman was diagnosed with allergies. In a year of unsuccessful treatment, a disturbing itching caused multiple scratches, skin bursted and wounds appeared.

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To world day of a child with cancer

Due to this year events in Ukraine, the problem of cancer patients’ treatments somehow modestly withdrew into the background; but it didn’t become non-actual.

From year to year the number of cancer cases did not decrease. Children and adults also need help and our attention.

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Благодійний концерт «Жити завтра» 18 лютого 2015 року о 18-00 в КСК ПАТ «НЗФ»

«Жити завтра» тільки від нас залежить, чи стане ця фраза стверджувальною.

Протягом всіх років існування благодійного фонду «Дітям Нікополя», лютий був основним та найгарячішим місяцем року. На цей період припадає «Всесвітній день онкохворої дитини». Завжди у нашому місті мешканці чекають благодійного концерту, який проводить фонд спільно з творчими колективами міста.

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З новим 2015 роком!

Закінчився 2014 рік. Дуже важкий, рік в якому боролося добро зі злом, рік в якому дорогу собі пробивала істина, гартувалась дружба, люди виявляли самі найкращі якості, такі як чесність, людяність, патріотизм. Наша Україна - мати поранена, розхристана, голодна і холодна була підло зраджена північним сусідом - Росією. Скільки життів нам це коштувало… Молоді хлопці змушені були одягти камуфляж і боронити своїми тілами нас… А ми як могли їм допомагали.

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Встреча с нашим постоянным благотворителем Кристофом Райва

23 октября 2014 г. состоялась встреча Кристофа Райва, нашего постоянного жертвователя и благотворителя, с работником фонда и родителями, к сожалению, ушедшей из жизни Лизочки Фатеевой. После его долгого отсутствия на нашей земле, у нас появилась возможность поблагодарить лично этого замечательного человека и рассказать о делах нашего фонда.

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