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4000 UAH Collected for Lyuba Fomina

Autumn fair took place at the high school number 9, where students of this school collected 4,000 UAH. It was a joint decision to transfer money to the charity foundation “Nikopol Kids” for Lyuba Fomina treatment. Children decided it by themselves. And this decision is right, to my mind, because Lyuba is getting the third protocol of chemotherapy. After that it will be the period of blood parameters loosing and other chemotherapy after-effects.

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September-October - 2012 Report

During the reported period, charity foundation "Nikopol Kids" collected 6701UAH and distributed among our wards - 4709 UAH.

We assisted to Dannil Barannik to force his PET scanning St. Petersburg clinic for cancer cells presence-absence determination; traditionally we supported our first-grader Nikita Zykov; bought hygiene products for Dima Zhivotova.

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August-September - 2012 Report

During the period from August, 10 to September, 10, charity foundation "Nikopol Kids" collected 17018UAH and distributed among our wards - 28203 UAH.

Finally this moment has come: our ward Sasha Losovoy has gone for treatment in a clinic of Padua (Italy). Unrelated bone marrow transplantation will be done for him.

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Now we have a new fundraising boxes design

Charity Foundation “Nikopol Kids” has new design of fundraising boxes for their uniquely identification and misunderstandings avoiding. We put Plexiglas boxes with internal lock and a sticker: "Foundation "Nikopol Kids'" (as it is shown at the photo).

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Anastasia Shovkuta fund raising marathon report

On August, 18 and 19 charity marathon to raise funds for Anastasia Shovkuty was held in Nikopol. Nastya met with a car accident and she is being now in intensive care department of Dnepropetrovsk regional children's hospital (Kosmicheskaya, 13).

For three weeks she has been being in a coma, but, thank God, she does not breathe through the respirator, but she does it herself.

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"Let’s Save Nastya’s Life!"

On August 18 and 19 from 17:00 to 21:00 - for two days in a row - charity fund raising marathon for Anastasia Shovkuta treatment will be held.

Our meeting with you will be on the European Square (in front of the city executive committee building).

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New Requests to the Foundation

We has received applications for assistance to:

Petrenko Anastasia was born on 14.12.2007 forurgent cardiac surgery. Diagnosis - the minimum ductus arteriosus. Total amount of assistance 4500UAH.

Fedor Ohotnik, born 25.08.2001. Boy need complex costly treatment with the diagnosis - tuberculosis Intralymphatic nodes. This boy is an orphan child. He is a ward. Total amount of assistance 7000UAH.

Mikhail Boldyrev, born 17.09.2002. Diagnosis - atypical autism. His parents request to arrange for child treatment by dolphins therapy.

The second charity auction took place!

On Sunday, July 8 second charity auction, provided by the "Nikopol kids” foundation, took place at the palace of solemn events. This case it was themed - lots were granted by the artist Vitaly Valsamaki and his followers.

By decision of the board of the foundation, all collected money will be allocated to Kirill Dron’ treatment. This boy has rare genetic disease - Hunter syndrome.

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Lots of charity auction "Painting to the Children’s Room or Let Mother's Dream Come True"

Charity auction of Vitaly Valsamaki and his student’s creative works “Painting to the Children’s Room or Let Mother's Dream Come True” will start on 08.07.2012 at 19.00 at Trubnicovs Ave, 25, Palace of solemn events. But from the June,2 lots will be presented at the Palace of solemn events and will be available to closer familiarization. Some of them are available at our web-site.

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Charity Auction on July 8 “Painting to the Children’s Room or Let Mother's Dream Come True”

Day of memory of Reverend Peter and Fevronia - Family Day is dedicated.

Every mother wants her child happy. Wants to make his life bright, filled with interesting events, good friends, and beautiful toys. Moms do their best to bring to life the children’s desires. But what to do, if mother and child have only one wish: to get up, to go by own foots, to smile to mother, to drive on the bike, but it is impossible?

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