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Another year has passed away

Our dear friends! Another year has passed away. It was filled with very different events, both good and not very good, but all of them are the part of our life. A life in which someone needed help and support, someone helped to other people, and we just acted as mediators and were glad for it.

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Thanks for your good heart!

Today we so often observe the indifference to the problems of poor families, of dying from terrible disease children by successful and affluent people. More often, we notice that in our country money for children-patients are donated by the common people, but not people, who have a rest on the prestigious resorts of acquiring luxury homes, cars. Very often donated money is taken away from planned to the last penny family finances. Sometimes, these situation makes us anger, induces grumble thoughts about the unfairness of life, conviction of officials, authorities in the gloom.

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Summary: November-December - 2012

During the reporting period, charity fund "Children of Nikopol" was made collected 29417 UAH and distributed - 36922 UAH. In the early December, there were two large donations: first of them was again from Кristof Reiva - 2350 EUR and the second one -targeted support of children, which have being treated in the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Clinical Hospital (department of hematology) by our fund account transferring- 25000 UAH.

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December 15: "Day of Charity"

December 15, 2012 Fund volunteers from 16 to 17.30 will be on the square in front of ATB in the Crystal and in the Central Department Store. We are asking for citizens to take part in the "Day of Charity" and to support children, undergoing expensive medical treatment, by their money.

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The year has been passed since the first "Day of Charity"

A year was passed since the day when charity fund "Nikopol Kids" volunteers had gone to the streets of the town with cash-boxes for the first time. This action we have called "The Day of Mercy" and chose for it 15th of every month. Fifteenth because of our first event was held on February 15, 2010 and this date is paramount for all of us.

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Charity Foundation “Nikopol Kids” Website History

Recently I’ve seen an article with information about “” web site history. “” is the information portal of the Ukrainian Association of persons working with cancer diagnosed children - "Zhity Zavtra (To Life Tomorrow)". The article dealt with the administrator of the site Brusilovsky Alexander, who has been working free of charge and super professionally on the creation, content, maintenance of the site.

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A new section on the site

Every person, donated money to help our childen, would like to know about the next events in their lives and their families after treatments.

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November mercy day

Number 15 in the city has become a symbol of charity. And citizens give their help. Somebody put money to the cash-boxes, somebody transfer money to the bank account by making regular payment on 15th.

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Summary: October-November - 2012

During the reporting period, charity fund "Children of Nikopol" was collected 57552 UAH and distributed - 52039,4 UAH. The big donation was done by our regular philanthropist Кristof Reiva - 50000 UAH.

And as they fell by the way!

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New donation from Kristof Reiva and new appeals to the fund

It's amazing that charity for our children is continious from a foreigner. Our Guardian Angel Кristof Reiva transferred to our account 50 000 hryvnias again, and the Foundation has got the opportunity to help children who require expensive treatment. The UV lamp, which costs 1,500 hryvnias, has been acquired of these funds for the Department of Children's Hospital of Nikopol.

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