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It has been done during 2015 year

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Looking back, it’s sure to say 2015year was full of events, new useful contacts, meetings and events. And, of course, it has been done a lot of work during 2015 year.

Due to Your help, dear donators, 66 person received help for a total amount of 406391,80 UAH. In particular:

- help for 6 children with cancer for a total amount of 90134.91 UAH;

- help for 46 children with difficult diseases for a total amount of 232309,06 UAH;

- help for 8 adults in the frame of “Valeria Help” Project for a total amount of 39701,95UAH;

- help for 3 adults under the age of 28 years for a total amount of 25473,60 UAH;

- 3 persons received an emergency assistance for a total amount of 18772,28 UAH.

More details you will get by the hyperlink:

Traditionally our Foundation provides assistance to the Nikopol city children's hospital. For last year this assistance was amounted in 16474,08 UAH. We purchased materials for floor repairing, food for children feeding and phototherapy lamps.

Assistance for the Department of reconstructive surgery with Oncology beds of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital was amounted in 23271,79 UAH. Assistance for the Hematology Department of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital was amounted in 4607,29 UAH.

Historically, it is necessary to provide assistance to needy and large families, families of internally displaced persons from the anti-terrorism zone and soldiers. Last year, the total amount of these Foundation expenses was UAH 49061,54. Besides humanitarian assistance was provided by detergents, cleaning products and diapers supplying.

Sets of towels were gifted to relatives of fallen soldiers-participants of from the anti-terrorism operation to the Day of defender of Ukraine (October 14) by the Director of the Company "Katrusya" Zhovnina Tatiana Grigorievna. To raise funds we try to use all possible lawful ways! 12 boxes to collect donations were placed.

In February 2015, the sixth charity concert "To Live Tomorrow" was held. It was dedicated to the world Day of children with cancer. Totally we collected 16245 UAH. On the Eve of St. Nicholas Day we held a charity fair "Angel of Hope" and collected funds in the amount of UAH 2684.

Another 140UAH were obtained by selling the angels figures. 500UAH were obtained by selling the icon of Equal Apostles St. Vladimir, which was presented for charity fair by Marina Shchuchenko.

But that’s were not the last deals of Angel of Hope. He, presented by Gorobchenko Sergey Vasilievich (Director of PE "Kanrich"), on the New 2016 Year Eve congratulated our small wards. Sick kids: Malyugin Bogdan and Anastasia Boyko received wonderful gifts and a real Christmas tale!

We thank all who helps us in our hard work! We thank all our donators and volunteers, in particular Kristof Reiva- our major donator; Natalia Fateeva, who after her daughter Lisa death became our constant donator; Oksana Dron’, who after her son Kiryl death became an indispensable volunteer of our Foundation; Denis Portnoy, who voluntary and selflessly administrates our site and Fund's group in social networks.


We thank our regular donators – LLC "Chest", Penska Natalia Romanovna, Shayko Olga Pavlovna, Pavlov Andrey Nikolaevich, Khodursky Irina and all who are not left behind... who helped by just a phone call or good deed! The history of our Foundation continues thanks to You!

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