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Don't forget to come back! We launch a flashmob in social networks

hands 001"...All were fully recognized as free from leprosy. Some times later one of them back to Christ and fell at His feet and thanked for healing from this terrible disease. Christ said: "Ten were cleansed, weren’t they? Where are the nine? Why they didn’t back to give glory to God except this foreigner?"

For nearly five years people, our Foundation has been being applied by people, who due to circumstances are not able to pay for their treatment or treatment of their children.

Each of them has its own history, its own problem. Someone musters up all his strength and tries to get out of difficulties; someone applies us intermediately without trying to do something by himself. Especially injure fact are case of prosperous, in general, family just don't want to incur "additional" costs for the treatment of their children. Contrary to them, families, who asked for help in dire need in difficult times, back and offer their helpful hands to other needy children and adults.

Once this nightmarish streak ends in life – every family makes own decision: to forget and to bury their heads in the sand or to remember and to help others.

We face with both of them in our every-day work. Oksana Dron’ has been being our volunteer for almost three years. Every month she not only responsibly remove money from donation boxes, but donates money and supports sick children and soldiers - participants of anti-terror operation

The family of Natalia and Andrey Fateev after death of their daughter becomes regular donators. Their monthly 500-1000UAH more than once saved lives and just fed the needy persons.

Ekaterina Mishar after appliance us for help for her child, on the St. Nicholas Day will organize a Grand fair. Valeria Fomina – mother of Luba Fomina (our ward with oncohematological disease) will paint little faces the kids.

The Savitskiy family - Sasha and Katya – every months support us, despite of the uncompleted treatment of their wonderful Sofia. And such examples we have a lot...

Therefore, in social nets we launch a flash mob titled "Don't forget to come back".

We call our former wards to make their little video in any of stores or bank, where our donation box is placed in, and pass the baton to the next ward of our Foundation.

For any questions and clarifications you can contact our specialists:

+380502552011 Elena Nikolaevna;

+380669000339 V. Victoria.

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