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Let’s all togeather help Elena to fight cancer

helenavorobei 001Vorobey Elena Vasillievna Date of birth: 16.06.1976

Diagnosis: left breast cancer Т2N0M1 (bones), IV stage

In September 2014, a young woman appealed the medical center "Impulse" for an oncologist consultation because she had found a seal in her left breast. She passed a mammogram, which showed a tumor with 39 mm x 28 mm sizes. The diagnosis was disappointing: breast cancer, the tumor metastasized to the spine. Elena’s life turned over.

She cares about the little daughter, grandmother, disabled person 88 years old, and Elena’s mother pension was 1046 UAH, the father of her elder daughter died in 2009.

On December 1, 2014 Elena was directed to the chemotherapy centre of the Dnepropetrovsk clinical hospital No 4. She was consulted by a very good doctor. There were the endless tests, biopsies, punctures, MRIs. Elena still hoped the diagnosis was mistaken, but it was confirmed: breast cancer IV stage, bone metastases. Elena filled severe pain in the back. She had to leave her job (Elena worked for 10 years as a night seller in a shop). Her younger daughter father, upon learning the diagnosis, began to drink often and then left the family with the words "I don't need a sick wife".

Every Friday the young woman goes to Dnepropetrovsk for chemotherapy, she has already gotten 9 chemo courses. She needs further treatment, as a recent survey has revealed the poor performance. Due to Elena words, she is getting an experimental treatment. Every week she spents for the trips 600 UAH. The doctor prescribed “Blaster” medicament for bones to cost 1800UAH per ampoule. She needs it to be dripped every 3 weeks. Now she has no money for treatment, all financial resources dried up. Elena was assigned a disability (non-working group 2), but pension payment was refused. The young woman with her four-year-old daughter lives on alimony payments from her second husband. The family has no other income.

I appeal to all good, caring people to help Elena in the treatment of the serious illness. You can transfer funds to a PrivatBank card 5168757213181730 for Vorobey Elena VasilievnaPhoto



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