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Donate blood – save a child's life!

Very soon it will be beloved by all children holiday- St. Nicholas Day. It is a tradition to do good deals and share love for all others, especially with children on the eve of this day. This year everyone can make truly valuable and vital gift for cancer-diagnosed children. By initiative of “Nikopol Kids” charity foundation and Nikopol hemotransfusion station, it will be held an action “Donate blood- save a child's life!” from December 1 to December17.

Who can become a donor?

Any person from 18 to 60, without medical contraindications, can become a blood donor.

Where should I go?

From December 1 to December17 anyone can visit Nikopol hemotransfusion station (NHTS), which is placed on Trubnikov ave, 56 (building 2) to participate in this action. You must have: passport with Dnipropetrovsk region residence permission and individual taxpayer identification number.

How to get ready?

On the blood donation day you will pass a medical checkup by a physician and dermatologist – venereologist at Nikopol hemotransfusion station. Two days before donation, it is forbidden to drink alcohol and eat fatty, fried, spicy and smoked foods, dairy products, butter and eggs. Best of all are: cereals, crackers, dried apples, pasta, cooked without oil, bread, vegetables and fruits. Immediately before blood donation it is advisable to drink as much as possible of water, it is recommended to drink sweet tea , juice, and cranberry compote.

Restrictions for donors

The donor must weigh at least 50 kg. You can not donate blood with high blood pressure, during menstruation, with colds or flu, headache, and if you have herpes. People with actual or removed tattoos are not allowed to donate blood. Blood donation is not recommended for people, who have had surgery at least a year ago and absolutely forbidden for people, who have ever removed organs.

Why it worth not being afraid?

- Nikopol hemotransfusion station is one of the best in Ukrane,- said Head of hemotransfusion- Eduard Kovtun. That's out of the question of infection during blood. All used medical materials are disposable and sterile. Blood sampling is done only be well-trained professionals. There is daily sterilization of blood donation laboratory and air crops testing on sterility. Individual doze of blood and plasma sampling for every patient is determined by doctor.

Blood donation benefits

It is well-known fact, people, who donates blood minimally half of liter at least twice a year, lives longer. According to the Law of Ukraine "About blood and blood components donation" managers of every enterprise must release people, who volunteered to become donors, from their workplaces.

On the blood donation day this person is released from work, no matter organization he/she works, but students are free from their studying. Also, the donor has an extra rest day additionally with his/her average earnings preserving. If on the day of the blood donation, donor was recruited to work, he/she should have another rest day. On the day of the blood donation, Ministry of Health provides the donor by light breakfast - sweet tea and biscuits and after donations – by dinner.

During their treatment, the cancer diagnosed children receive from 3 to 24 doses of donor’s blood components.


Remember, that any help for these children is priceless!

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