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New stage in the work of the foundation

Charity Foundation "Nikopol Kids" finally has the permanent residence at the address: Electrometallurg str., 21, room 73.

For more than two years long, Charity Foundation "Nikopol Kids" has been keeping it’s work by information distribution about problems in cancer diagnosed children treatment, has been raising funds to the foundation boxes, has been purchasing medicaments; has been contacting with hundreds of parents, volunteers; has been posting information on web-site and social nets.

All these deals rested on the shoulders of our assistants, who joined us for different reasons. Some of them came at the behest of their hearts, the others were actuated by personal tragedy, others wanted not to date a computer, but to do something helpful.

Actually, we had no place for meetings, for action and events preparations, for charitable aid storing, and it really limited the foundation potentialities.

Somehow, comprehension came to us to reach a new level of our activity and to get the placement, where everyone can share sorrows, can offer helpful hand, just can talk.

Because of foundation purpose is its operating expenses minimization, but costs for our ward help maximization, we selected unpretentious placement at city printing center. Our foundation’s address is Electrometallurg str., 21, room 73. Reception days are: Monday to Thursday, from 9.00 to 16.00.Tel: +38 050 255-20-11 and +38 066 373-31-14.

Most importantly is our foundation work would have been impossible without our old friend and helper - Кristof Reiva. Computers were donated him to our foundations and they have operated yet. Whole-heartedly we thank staff of the network of shops “Kazanova”, “Monte Cristo” café and Antonina Anatolieva Kozharskaya, Anna Alexandrovna Panebrattseva, Olga Denisenko, Vitaly Zaburdaeva personally for their direct participation in our activities.

Thank you, dear friends! Thanks to you, we do our best for not to refuse any person, who requested for our help.

On Sunday, November 17, general meeting of foundation team was held, so it was amended the foundation board changes and supervisory council was elected.

Now, foundation board members are:

Margarita Nikolaevna Gorbanenko – Chairman of the Board, director of foundation,

Marina Vladimirovna Shapoval – teacher-lead of school №20; volunteers activity coordinator,

Alla Victorovna Tymoshenko- nurse of school number 12; organizational matters,

Oksana Alexandrovna Dron - JSC "Centravis" worker; organizational matters,

Alexey Nikolayevich Kirpa – worker of integrated poultry farm “Dneprovsky”. Chairman of the sampling commission,

Natalia Nikolayevna Litvinova – pensioner; finance assistant,

Supervisory council of the foundation:

Igor Melnikov- Archpriest; Nikopol Holy Cross Cathedral rector,

Elena Evgenievna Polyakova – Head of the Nikopol Hospital Pediatric Department,

Julia Borisovna Bugaeva – former ward of foundation,

Elena Borisovna Volodina – Gorky’s Dnepropetrovsk Theater actress; volunteer; foundation delegate in Dnepropetrovsk region Children’s Hospital.

It was developed the basic features of foundation activity. Priority of foundation work is helping to the children from Nikopol region, which have oncology diseases, serious injuries, disabilities, need to have expensive surgery, etc.

Foundation supports to many-children families with low income, orphans, to the Departments of Nikopol children’s Hospital, Dnepropetrovsk Regional Children’s Hospital Surgery Department with oncology beds.

Foundation with Nikopol hemotransfusion station plans to extend the citizen calling donor program in charity blood donation for cancer diagnosed children.

It was planned a lot of actions, devoted to the “Day of the child with cancer” on February 15: charity events, fairs at schools and city plants; concert "Zhity zavtra (To live tomorrow)", charity auction of Nikopol artists and candle-light action. As usual, the most difficult deals are done by our creative pundits: development, maintenance and contenting of our foundation site depends on our wisest admin – Dennis Portnoy; auctions and concerts are held in the most professional manner by our concert director Irina Lagutina. Our work has not been stopping, and we are waiting our new associates and benefactors.

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