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Hello - School!

The last days of August make us forget about the warm and carefree summer and plunge into the preparations for the new school year. Every kid, who goes to school on September,1, sees this day as a milestone, as something new, as the length of a new, probably, a better life. Boys and girls give themselves a promise to study well and not to disappoint their parents and teachers.

But this day will not be memorable by new clothes, the smell of brand new notebooks, and white bows for some kids. In the city there is a problem of low-income families and not two-parent families. The children, growing up at such families, are like others, but life turned to them by harsh side.

Charitable Foundation "Nikopol Kids" together with the city government service for family and youth (head - Oksana Gritsik) has worked for clothing and stationery provision for kids from low-income families. Thirty kids dressed new clothes and get notebooks and paint.

The Foundation thanks the direction of the shop "Daughters and sons" for their patience to our unusual request. Let's hope that clothes had to be just right and please for the children.

The September, 1 troubles and news stand in the foreground not only for the kids.

Because of Nikopol orphanages closing, a lot of its inhabitants had grown up to go to the "free floating". Of course, it is not secret to anyone that when a person moves to a new home, so he/she needs to buy everything: pillows, blankets, pots and pans, and of course the bed.

This problem was not solvable for the four boys, for whom accommodation in a hostel was allocated. We were happy to make sure that the children had a place to sleep and this place was cozy and comfortable. Furniture factory "Alex furniture" with the big discount manufactured and delivered them sofas. Let the new independent life of orphanage graduates will begin with a little holiday - new furniture.

We are delighted that we can brighten up the lives of persons, whom fate does not indulge from their childhood.

Grow up, learn and do good deals!

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