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Conference “Diagnostics and treatment of children and adults with sarcomas of bone and soft tissues” report

Scientific and practical conference of doctors-oncologists and volunteers concluded that today cancer fighting activity of charity and social organizations is very important.

The second scientific and practical conference with international participation “Diagnostics and treatment of children and adults with sarcomas of bone and soft tissues” took place 20-21 June 2013 at the hotel “Tourist” conference hall, in Kiev. Conference was on sections: clinical, where doctors-oncologists from Ukraine, Russia, Austria and other states took parts, and section of non-profitable organizations. The section of non-profitable organizations was represented by volunteer groups, funds, fund-raising organizations and firstly this conference was visited by children, who had won cancer. Our town was presented by our winner- Yulia Bugaeva.

Firstly, I’d like to say that great preparation and organizations work was done by international charitable foundation “Zaporuka” and it’s leader Natalia Onypko. This conference was initiated, organized and financed by National Cancer Institute (Ukraine) and it’s director Igor Shchepotin. Two fruitful days passed by so quickly. Charitable foundation “Zaporuka” did very interesting program; excellent speakers presented modern methods and forms of works. International standards of charity, fund-raising ethics were discussed. International foundation “Stoprac” presented its experience in first grade doctors trainings.

The most interesting were review of Vadim Georgienko’s “New Technologies to help non-profitable organizations” and seminar for charity organization accouters by Nikolay Goloborodko.

Charity organizations shared their experience in psychological, legal and financial assistance, trainings of hospital clowns engaged in art therapy in the oncology departments of children's hospitals, etc.

Conference participation let us to make friends not only for fund leader, but to our wards - have recovered from cancer. The most joyful and beautiful was our delegation from Dnepropetrovsk region: Yulia Bugaeva from Nikopol, Nastya Kotova and Lena Braginets from Dnepropetrovsk, Tanya Milakina from Krivoy Rog.

Our winners came together to declare the cancer is very serious disease, but it is treatable. The disease can be beaten by cooperation efforts of the doctors, volunteers, foundations, parents and, of course, the patient. Our children are beautiful and wise ... what a depth is in their eyes! All of us wished them good and fair life after so severe experience. Charity foundation “Pchelka (Bee)” by its head Elena Pavlenko gifted them lovely pictures.

The culmination of the conference were the speeches of the non-profit organizations members and the head of the National Cancer Institute - Gregory Klymnyuk, who thanked the volunteers, foundations and society organizations for the continued and substantial support to cancer patients at the oncology hospitals. A lot of unsolved problems were solved by the help of volunteers.

This care is about of and rare and lacking medicament providing, unique equipment purchasing, etc. The conference was over in spirit of friendship. We all went away to make our little and big activity which makes the sense of our lives.

Gorbanenko Margarita – Director of the Foundation

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