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Presents before birthday

Due to the tradition, on the first days of June we make a contribution to the equipment of surgery and oncology department of the Dnepropetrovsk regional children's clinical hospital. This case our foundation together with charity fund "Pchelka (Bee)" from Odessa purchased games room furniture set for children treating at this department.

It is symbolic that the charity "Children of Nikopol 'celebrates its second birthday just the World Children's Day. Our mission is to protect children's health, happiness, joy and a child's soul.

Beautiful furniture was made by the Elena Ermakova assistance. Either adults, or children at the department like this furniture. Nikopol Children are being treated in this department.


Recently, due to coherent and precise work of volunteer association "Zhyty zavtra (To live tomorrow)"(out charity fund is one members of this association) and donators, the onkohematology department is fully secured by chemotherapy medicaments, antifungal medicaments, and supportive medicaments.

We are thanking them so much for the fact that this year there were no rejection for each request. We were able to support the Luba Fomina, Sophia Sawickaya, Herman Polyakov, Daniil Barannik, Arseny D’olog, Nikita Zykov, Dima Zhivotov, Maxim Biletsky, Diana Stankiewicz, Alena Shvorob, Misha Boldyr, Nasta Shovkuty, Nikita Balabina families and other children.

Each UAH, donated by you, our dear friends, helps to our little ward to fight with their serious diseases because it was donated with love. Thanks to you we have a whole galaxy of regular benefactors, who month to month contributing to the fund their money.

Unfortunately this year we have left Cyril Dron’ and Vanya Tymoshenko. We tried hardly, but ...

Oksana Dron'Alla TimoshenkoNow their wonderful mother are with us, in the ranks of our assistants. Ceremonial songs end holiday celebrations will pass by. But everyday we will quietly do our business to children make happy.

All associates, volunteers and employees of our fund congratulate our young Nikopol citizens and all the children of our beautiful country with the holiday.

We hope that cooperated efforts of adults, our children will live in a rich, spiritual, educated country, where the property is not considering by the melted metal quantity, t sold pipes tons, but the quality of education, health and living standards of families with children.

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