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Another year has passed away

Our dear friends! Another year has passed away. It was filled with very different events, both good and not very good, but all of them are the part of our life. A life in which someone needed help and support, someone helped to other people, and we just acted as mediators and were glad for it.

We were glad because of Sasha Kravchenko, Luba Fomina had finisher their treatments, all together we had gathered 150 thousands EUR for Sasha Lozovoy’s treatment in Italy; Nastya Shovkuta had been recovering so intensive after a serious coma; David Shoter had recovered motor function very quickly after a dolphin therapy courses, paid by foundation; Nikita Zykov had entered the first class. These moments of our work are very joyful. But there are others that do not give joy to parents and helpers. They are: the problem of Ellapraz injection for Cyril Dron’ has not been solved yet, Vanya Tymoshenko is going to Freiburg for treatment; Alyonochka Shvorob is continued treatment in Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev.

These children are not all our wards, but the most severe cases. But all of them were supported due to You- our noble helpers! Our donators are the philanthropists! With great pleasure we want to congratulate you the New Year and Merry Christmas to those who helped especially in the current year. They are:

- Valery Pasikova - private entrepreneur,

- Alexei Zubrilin - Director of the shop Security systems",

- Кristof Reiva - the owner of shops "Casanova" and "Montecristo" cafe,

- A.F. Shybko - deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,

- Vadim Kolesnik - deputy of the city council,

- Alexander Rybakov - deputy of the city council,

- archpriest Nikolai Maruschak - rector of “Christ Holy Transfiguration” Cathedral,

- archpriest Igor Melnikov - the abbot of "Holy Cross" church,

- Roman Kaznavetsky - rector of the Church "Joy of All Who Sorrow",

- archpriest Vitaly Efremrov - Rector of the church " Nativity of Mother of God ",

- collective of Nikopol pedagogical college and its director - Kramarenko L.I.,

- Trade Union Committee of Nikopol distance path and its organizer Mikhailova L.I.,

- The company "Procter & Gamble Ukraine" and personally Svetlana Oleksyuk,

- Artist Vitaly Valsamaki and a children's art studio,

- Head of Foreign Languages School "Victoria" - Victoria Symonenko,

- students and staff of school: № 20, № 9, № 19.

Donators, which makes monthly contribution to the fund:

- Irina Hodurskaya,

- Valentin Kovalyov,

- Tatiana Bilenko,

- Vera Ignatova,

- Larissa Duksova,

- Lubov Stepanova,

- Vitaly Zabolotny,

- Natalia Shevchenko,

- Ksenia Pikalova,

- All anonymous donators.

We thank all who helped us by their deals: to gather donations, to deliver charity care, to write, to print, to run, to carry:

- Dennis Portnoy - " Nikopol Kids" Site administrator,

- staff of the PrivatBank 5-th branch (head Ivashchenko Marina),

- Roman and Elena Dymchenko - private entrepreneurs,

- Oleg Zyatyuk - Private entrepreneur and glass workshop staff,

- Valeriy Gorbanenko - soft furniture designer,

- Elena Ermakova - cabinet furniture designer,

- Alexei Kirpa - fund courier,

- staff of the Nikopol Ferroalloys Plant and its director Vladimir Golovko,

- staff of the “Special events palace” and its director Kiselyov R.M.,

- staff of the House of Children's Art and its director Lendel’ V.

We congratulate all our wards, their families, relatives and friends with Happy New Year.

Congratulations to all of our doctors, who by "bare" hands manage to do the most difficult operations to help our dear children, co-workers - volunteers from all corners of our great country. Let hearts of good-giving people will never be tired!

Now it is a tradition children's art groups of the House of Children's Art are the most active participants of the creative projects of our foundation. And today, on the eve of the New 2013, children's theater studio "Bolshaya Peremena (Big Break)" with its talented director Irina Lagutina for the second time gave a charity performance and transferred all gathered 450 UAH to the fund. There such words in the main song of the "The Bremen Town Musicians" performance: “Those, who have friends, do not afraid of troubles”. Yes, we are not afraid of any troubles or difficulties, because we have a lot of friends, which will always in the most difficult times give us their helpful hands.

Congratulations, our dear friends! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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