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December 15: "Day of Charity"

December 15, 2012 Fund volunteers from 16 to 17.30 will be on the square in front of ATB in the Crystal and in the Central Department Store. We are asking for citizens to take part in the "Day of Charity" and to support children, undergoing expensive medical treatment, by their money.

We’d like to remind to all citizens that we are trying to help all who ask us for help. We are paying for treatment, medication, rehabilitation clinics, rehabilitation, cardiac surgery and other expensive procedures for increasing number of children.

Our foundation patronizes children with a variety of diagnoses, such as: lymphocytic leukemia - Ivan Timoshenko (relapse, need treatment), Sasha Lozovoy (need bone marrow transplantation), Luba Fomina (hepatitis after blood transfusions), Balashov Denis (need the operation to restore motor functions); Nastya Shovkuta (recovery after an accident); Alena Shvorob (femur sarcoma); Arseny D’olog and Nikita Zykov (cystic fibrosis); Cyril Dron’ (mucopolysaccharidosis); Leshenko Taya and Gruzin Julia (need surgery to vision restoring).

Foundation transferred money for all these children. Sums were from 500 to 50000UAH (Sasha Lozovoy). All monthly money reports are presented at our web-site.

We are grateful to everyone who takes part in the salvation of our children, but ask for your active support, because the requests do not become less, and every day more and more people are asking to us for help.

Do not pass our boxes in the shops in the town. They are: "Prestige", "Style", "Svetolyuks", "Sonnet", "Hellas", "Flora", "Konkort", "Security Systems", "Orchid", "Casa Nova", pawnshop "Gamanets (Wallet)", shop "Polyana (Glade)" in Kamensoe villiage. Besides, our foundation boxes are at the such churches of our town: Holy Transfiguration Cathedral and the Cathedral of Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow".

We would like to tell to all philanthropists that the boxes are used for charity foundation money donations collecting. This money is distributed according to the needs of our children, all of them are supported.

We do not put these children photos on these boxes, because such money collection becomes the personal support for child. We collect money for all children from all boxes because sometimes there is no enough money for concrete child treatment.

We ask for support for our young citizens, as any disease unsettles family, and in a case of cancer - it is a huge moral and material loss.

Volunteers are waiting for you 15.12.2012 ATB borough Crystal, near Central Department Store from 16 to 17.30.

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