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The year has been passed since the first "Day of Charity"

A year was passed since the day when charity fund "Nikopol Kids" volunteers had gone to the streets of the town with cash-boxes for the first time. This action we have called "The Day of Mercy" and chose for it 15th of every month. Fifteenth because of our first event was held on February 15, 2010 and this date is paramount for all of us.

December 15, 2011 in a moist and cloudy day the volunteers in bright yellow capes landed near the entrance to the supermarket "Varus". Donators activity was so intensive that we could collect 1331UAH. After that it was the second event, the third…

Our volunteers went to the town streets in the bitter cold and in the spring slush to collect donations from citizens. But sometimes they couldn’t do it because of misunderstandings, associated with volunteer’s locations. They had been banished by the shop’s door without giving a clear answer to the question: "Why it is prohibited to raise money at the supermarket exit?" Fund's management had twice appealed to the supermarket management with the letter, there were no neither verbal nor written (as it should be) answer.

However, there were no bounds of young assistant’s optimism. We began to go to the new objects. So volunteers appeared at ATB on Shevchenko street, at Liberation Square, near the "Vladi" shop, at the Fountain at the Central Department Store. Volunteers managed to collect more than 7000 UAH by donated their free time to help children with the terrible diseases.

From very beginning, students of the Pedagogical College with the volunteer work coordinator Shapoval Marina were assigned. They perform honorable mission of volunteer perfectly. It is necessary to have a lot of strength and most of all - patience. Volunteers should have a lot of strength, and most importantly the patience to finish deals, we had started, to explain to people the purpose of collecting and collection address.

Volunteers have to know those kids and their families, which helps fund, besides it is necessary to have the latest information about them. Lily Barieva, Alvina Barieva, Alina Krasnochenko, Valentine Koval, Bogdan Cheshy, Anna Rublevskaya, Catherine Klyuchnikova, Catherine Cherneta, Angela Nedavnyaya and others had been working with fund from the time of fund launching.

Yes, the fees are smaller with every passing month, but still we do not miss an any opportunity to gather just a little bit and help children need expensive treatment.

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