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Charity Foundation “Nikopol Kids” Website History

Recently I’ve seen an article with information about “” web site history. “” is the information portal of the Ukrainian Association of persons working with cancer diagnosed children - "Zhity Zavtra (To Life Tomorrow)". The article dealt with the administrator of the site Brusilovsky Alexander, who has been working free of charge and super professionally on the creation, content, maintenance of the site.

Memories about our website creating, I decided to present here.

Fully read and studied the "donor" website, I had a precise idea of website has to be, but it looked like important to find a person, who would do it.

But one day I had have no hopes at all, I was told about Denis Portnoy, the man who had helped the town library to support its site. Librarians are serious people, I had thought, and immediately went to the meeting.

According to statistics from our website, it is read by the readers from 58 countries. When I had opened the report, I recalled some forgotten place names by the list of visits.

There are visitors from the Vietnam and Cambodia and Chile and India. Our site is mostly visited by the people from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, and the United States.

But w need perfect translation into English, German of information presented at the site for its fully working and main function making: to attract donators, visitors informing about the work of the foundation, the allocation of resources, etc. So we again ask for the volunteers - translators: "Help us to inform donators of from other states about our children."

Our wonderful administrator, who observes for the site work for 24 hours a day, will help you. But now we are proud of the fact people can get complete and accurate information, esthetic pleasure and food for reflection by our site visiting.

And the about important: I’m writing these words on December 3. This is a day devoted to the marked as the Day of Disabled People. Dennis Portnoy is one of such people, but he is able to do such deals, that not every healthy person is capable to do.

But there is one obstacle that he can not overcome. For full movement Denis needs a ramp from the second floor or lifting device, which costs about 60,000 UAH. I want to write about it, because I feel sorry for those people who can not to find on their way this cheerful and strong person, just by the fact that he is unable to move freely, and entirely depends on an old mother.

Every day local TV shows the story about the foundation "Nikopol Kids’', where every phrase has a huge sense of it. We can do a lot after this phrase realizing. It is: “The meaning of our lives is in the service of our neighbor. Do not spend time on questionable valued things. Become a benefactor and the world will change. To do small, but with a lot of love!”

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