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4000 UAH Collected for Lyuba Fomina

Autumn fair took place at the high school number 9, where students of this school collected 4,000 UAH. It was a joint decision to transfer money to the charity foundation “Nikopol Kids” for Lyuba Fomina treatment. Children decided it by themselves. And this decision is right, to my mind, because Lyuba is getting the third protocol of chemotherapy. After that it will be the period of blood parameters loosing and other chemotherapy after-effects.

So, donors and fund are required. We shall report to our young PHILANTHROPISTS of the use of money. Well done, friends! Thank you!

As far as autumn fairs are planned to take part in many schools and many school groups have already announced that they would transfer collected money to the foundation; so, we’d like draw your attention to another girl Alena Shvorob. A girl will have tibia part to endo - prosthetic appliance replacing surgery.

Endo - prosthetic appliance, has to be paid, is very expensive. Parents can not cope with this problem by theirelf, so please help the girl. Funds can be transferred to the foundation, stating the reason “Charity treatment Alena Shvorob”.

I’ve talk with Nastya Shovkuta. Personally with! Nastya is at home! Her voice is weak, but she speaks completely normally.

Talked with Nastya Shovkutoy. Personally it! Nastya home! Voice was weak, but it is completely normal. This is really great. Let’s hope that “Every dog is a lion at home”. Let’s hope that all the bad things are passed away, ahead are only the good things. Private enterprise "Security systems" again transferred 3000UAH to “Nikopol Kids” bank account for Nastya’s treatment. Let’s hope that all the bad things are passed away, ahead are only the good things.

There is a long way to recovery, so family needs a lot of money. Do not leave them alone with their disaster, please help them even a little, but help, my friends.

Some days ago, I’ve met our beautiful Yulia Bugaeva. Thank God she's okay. She supports the body with vitamins and calcium preparations, getting ready for inspection at the Blokhin’s Moscow Research Institute. We chatted casually (collected documents, visited the local doctors), remembered all we had to go through.

Even Yulia’s look changed. When I first had seen her, I noticed not quite dull eyes ... Today we joked, had fun, her eyes shine, she had blush cheeks. So keep Yulia!

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