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August-September - 2012 Report

During the period from August, 10 to September, 10, charity foundation "Nikopol Kids" collected 17018UAH and distributed among our wards - 28203 UAH.

Finally this moment has come: our ward Sasha Losovoy has gone for treatment in a clinic of Padua (Italy). Unrelated bone marrow transplantation will be done for him.

This surgery is done to replace damaged by oncology disease bone marrow to donor’s one. Donor is found. Mom and baby are in the hospital. Soon he will get the toughest courses of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. Together we could collect all money, required by hospital. But they still need a little more for living in Italy. Our foundation transferred 53289UAH for Sasha treatment in a period January – September; 20000UAH of them was transferred by German citizen Кristof Reiva. The interest of the man in helping our children is so great, that it is surprising. Thank God, our town famous personalities are joining to the ranks of donators. Many thanks to the City Council deputy Alexander Rybakov for his kind heart. This is not for the first time he donates large amounts for our children.

The Foundation has organized a fund-raising charity marathon and "Mercy Day" for Nastya Shovkuta. Besides, it was purchased pampers and wipes for abandoned babies, which are in the city children's hospital.

With great regret I write words about Kirill Dron’. His state of health is critical and he was ambulanced to the neurology department of Dnepropetrovsk children’s hospital. Our boy had convulsions. It means our boy should have urgent treatment, but it has been being problem with necessary medicament. Medicament "Elapraza" is not registered in Ukraine. In other words, Ukraine does not register it, because this medicament is so expensive that no one is able to buy it.

Our small driver Vanya Timoshenko began his studies at home. Vanya is getting used to the home environment, study with the teachers, but can not do without incident - our hero has broken his toe. Of course, it is treatment consequence, but we believe and know that this is temporary effects.

Nikita Zykov entered to first grade. Lyuba Fomina continues treatment of leukemia.

Requests for help continue to come, we study them carefully, try to help as much as possible, always contact with our colleagues – volunteers of other charity foundations in other cities, ask for help to our children, if they are treated far from home. As ever.

As far as our foundation has been working just over a year, information about our new ward Daniil Barannik has not been placed on our site, but this kid is well-known to our town. Nikopol citizens helped him to go to Germany for treatment (diagnosis: tumor of the cerebellum). Now Daniil has won a insidious disease, but the he can not overcome its consequences. The boy needs surgery on the leg, otherwise the baby will not walk, but he was already 7 years old.

We ask you once again to pay attention to this little boy; in our turn, foundation will find a way to help him.

Many thanks to all the donators for their support of our children. We can do nothing without you!

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