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Now we have a new fundraising boxes design

Charity Foundation “Nikopol Kids” has new design of fundraising boxes for their uniquely identification and misunderstandings avoiding. We put Plexiglas boxes with internal lock and a sticker: "Foundation "Nikopol Kids'" (as it is shown at the photo).

Documents have to be at the places of these fundraising boxes settings: a copy of the foundation registration certificate, foundation contacts information, acts of money taking off from the boxes.

Places of foundation boxes location are presented at the "Contact Us", boxes located in other places do not belong to the Foundation "Nikopol Kids."

The absence of labels on a box or a box of another design mean, that foundation “Nikopol Kids” is not relevant to these boxes money collection.

If you would like to help in fund raising for the treatment and rehabilitation of children – please contact us in any way you like, and we'll set a box to collect the funds at yours place.

Reports of money collection are published at the foundation web-site, copies of payment documents, confirming the costs, can be presented, if necessary.

Do a small thing, but with a lot of love!

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