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Charity Auction on July 8 “Painting to the Children’s Room or Let Mother's Dream Come True”

Day of memory of Reverend Peter and Fevronia - Family Day is dedicated.

Every mother wants her child happy. Wants to make his life bright, filled with interesting events, good friends, and beautiful toys. Moms do their best to bring to life the children’s desires. But what to do, if mother and child have only one wish: to get up, to go by own foots, to smile to mother, to drive on the bike, but it is impossible?

We dream. We dream of a good education for the children, of repairs in the apartment, the new furniture, and my Kirill Dron’ mother dreams about her son would be healthy. She pays no attention to the fact that they live in a small room high-rise building, that every walk in the air with a completely disabled children is the big problem. Mom and dad are fighting and hope their grief will make people to look around, to see the tears of those kids who just silently weep, living with ever pain because of their health state. They hope that people will come to help, will not be frightened of the terrible amount that should be collect to maintain the life of their son. A huge amount of 430 thousand euro per year to maintain the life of their son. It is terrible, but it does not mean hopeless!

On the eve of Memorial Day of Reverend Peter and Fevronia - Family Day, on initiative of well-known in Ukraine and far abroad, Nikopol artist Vitaly Dmitrievich Valsamaki and his talented students, the charity foundation “Nikopol kids” hold second public auction of creative works titled " Painting to the Children’s Room or Let Mother's Dream Come True”. Young artists diligently preparing to this event. Preparations have been beginning from March, and today we see the result of their work. We, together with beginning artists and their wonderful mentor, want to fulfill the dreams of three mothers:

1. Mothers who want their children to be the fine artists. Those wonderful mothers, who financially helped their children in their talented works decorations. These talented children with their mother took part in the noble charity events.

2. Mothers, who want to decorate children's rooms by the art works and hope they will form the children aesthetic taste and love for all beautiful things and also participate in the noble charity events.


So, the public auction of Vitaly Valsamaki and his student’s creative works starts. The auction will be held on 08.07.2012 at 19.00 at Trubnikov Ave, 25, Palace of solemn events.

Already on July 2 all lots has been presented at the Palace of solemn events and has been available to closer familiarization. Some of them were available at our web-site.

This auction peculiarity is that the pictures can be purchased before the auction by money of lot’s starting price (or more if you wish) transferring to foundation account and receive this lot after auction finishing. Such precedent was at the first auction time. Citizen of Dnepropetrovsk purchased the painting before auction for the sum two times more the starting one. You can buy a picture for 24 hours before auction beginning. After this time, applications will not be considered.

At the first auction, held by “Nikopol Kids” foundation, picture "City of My Dreams" by Vanya Tymoshenko became the highlight of the event. This picture was bought for 1000UAH and money were transferred comfortable furniture production for the department of children’s oncology of Dnepropetrovsk children’s hospital, where our children get treatment. Without tradition changing, we would like announce, that handmade doll "Fyodor", by Tatyana Rudenko, will be original proposition of auction. It will be lot number 31. Thirty! Paintings with great love and diligence were performed, decorated and prepared for the auction by Vitaly Dmitrievich, students and parents. Thirty! Works for charity! It is a deed!

The meaning of human life is in neighbors helping. Do not waste life in dubious values, join the ranks of philanthropists! Do a small thing, but with great love! All funds, raised for auction, will be transferred to the Kirill Dron’ treatment.

Bless us, God! Monks Petr and Fevronia - Patrons of the Orthodox family - pray to God for us.

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