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It is pleased not only to receive birthday gifts - but to give

This phrase refers to the fact that very soon on June 2, the charity fund "Children of Nikopol" will celebrate a year since its inception. So, we prepared to our birthday.

Today, on May, 18 we gave the hospital room furniture set to the department of surgery with oncology beds. Furniture was made by funds, raised by artists’ creative works auction, including painting "City of My Dreams" by Vanya Tymoshenko (1000UAH). This way, our dear small artist made a significant contribution to the equipment of a hospital by beautiful furniture set.


Green colored, nice and high quality this furniture set was made with the production company "Partner" assistance. It includes: a wardrobe, base unit, six bedside tables. As far as all these things had to be transported to Dnepropetrovsk with minimal losses, we began to search for transport.


Firstly, with the greatest alacrity Vanya Tymoshenko’s father wanted to help, but his car broke down. Then we asked for a help to the Andrei Fedorovich Shipko, and with his and city council deputy Vadim Kolesnik helpful hands we brought so long-awaited furniture to the department. With this set we brought so necessary to maintain cleanliness agents as detergent and diapers. Diapers were donated by the "Procter & Gamble Ukraine" enterprise.


Department staff, headed by the doctor A.P.Gladky, met us on the threshold of the hospital. All doctors and nurses came out to help bring this beauty. Because of Friday, it was not a lot of people at the department. All went home, and even a delegation went to the pilgrimage. Kids do not run around the corridors and out furniture-maker Valery Gorbanenko constructed and installed furniture calmly.


If you knew how changed hospital’s room! It became very nice - recently renovated, so even with new furniture. I'd like that all emergency department was renovated and beautiful.


But ... Our foundation is trying now to “close” all urgent needs of our children, but they have them so much… They are: Sasha Lozovoy - unrelated bone marrow transplantation, Luba Fomina – leukemia (a girl from a large family), Kirill Dron’ - a rare genetic disease – the Hunter syndrome, Nikita Zykov - cystic fibrosis. It's not all the kids who need help every month, so we ask our philanthropists to continue our deal and to furnish the next hospital room. We can product furniture by ourselves. We have very nice furniture designer Lena. She helped us make the dream a reality. And so furniture to hospital room number 503 was gifted by Nikopol citizens. Who's next?


P.S. As far as our driver Gennady carefully carried to the hospital, I could visit our wards, which had been being treated in the hematology department with diseases of the blood. There were only Sasha Lozovoy with his grandmother, who was listening very attentively his grandmother reading; and Sasha Kravchenko, who was eating dinner with great appetite.


This curly hair, big-eyed toddler will have the last chemotherapy protocol. So let us pray for everything will be OK. We have not met with Lubochka Fomina and Lizonka Fateeva. Fateevs went home, and Lyuba was on another floor, so I had no luck. The boys met, but beautiful girls - no.

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