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February activity report

Thank God for everything! This Acathistus we always read together with my daughter, and every time she notices how much this phrase has meaning and beauty.

Thank God for everything! His mercy He shows us when everything matches in our small town: city mayors’ and ordinary citizens’ sincere desire to help.

Thank God for everything! For the fact that in our city, a priori, this event would not take place, because our town is very small, compared with the regional centers.

But the Lord does not think so. And helps. He helps to manage difficult things, helps to overcome insurmountable. We did everything with great love. We argued, searched, found, but we did.

We held Nikopol creative artists works auction, for which we collected 33150UAH.

We held a “Mercy Day” action. And within this project volunteers from Nikopol teacher college, Orthodox youth from Holy Cross Church, "Young regions" organization came out with the cash-boxes and collected 3451UAH donations. Volunteer Coordinator, Marina Shapoval work worth only the highest words of praise.

The concert was prepared and held. It was developed and announced by our wonderful director of creative projects- Irina Lagutina. Creative teams "Valery" and it’s friends: "The Prime classic grace" ensemble, "Fantasia” exemplary choreographic ensemble, Folk Dance Ensemble "Joy", "Big Break" theater studio, "Rin-Sen" vocal ensemble, "Ale Up!" circus studio, "Mikitin Rig" vocal ream, "Our Song" vocal ensemble, "Debut" drama school, "Fidget" vocal ensemble took part. But priest Nicholas Maruschak with a male vocal ensemble creative performance, Elena and Natalia Maruschak with "Valery" ensemble performance and choreography performance of the department of culture head – Olga Pastushok with “Fantasy” team were the highlights of the concert. It was collected 17869UAH during the concert.

Candle light action "Nadiya Yea (There is a hope)" was fully organized by our lawyer Ksenia Aheeva. It is very pleased to know, that our ranks becoming fuller, young people with a desire to help us join our work. It was collected 3844UAH during candle action. But this action revealed the ulcers of our society. Sometimes children showed more generosity and compassion than adults ...

It was the third action, organized by our Foundation. Its localization becomes wider, but the goals remain the same. “Let the children will never die”- volunteers, donors want it.

In the future, our foundation work will be bigger. By decision of the foundation board part of money, collected by “Day of the child with cancer” fund raising action will be transferred to the medicines and equipment purchase for the Oncology Department of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Children's Hospital. Another part will be transferred to the Sasha Lozovoy treatment, last part will be transferred, sadly, for two more Nikopol "newcomers".

We say thank you to all! All the donators, whose hearts were touched by pain, and they joined us. They are:

- archpriest Nikolai Maruschak- rector of “Christ Holy Transfiguration” Cathedral,

- archpriest Vitaly Efremrov- Rector of the church " Nativity of Mother of God ",

- archpriest Igor Melnikov - the abbot of "Holy Cross" church,

- Roman Kaznavetsky- rector of the Church "Joy of All Who Sorrow",

- The city government, the mayor Ruslan Tokar, and his wife Tatiana,

- Head of the Department of Culture, Olga Pastushok,

-The management and staff of the Nikopol Ferroalloys Plant,

- Press service of the Nikopol Mayor,

- The management and staff of the Nikopol teacher college,

- The management and staff of Promotional printing center "Coloryt",

- Designer Alexander Antipov,

- Company "Procter & Gamble Ukraine"

- Company "Procter & Gamble Ukraine"

- Taxi "Ogonek (Spark)",

- Nikopol Union of Artists, Art Union "Palitra (Palette)",

- Photo-artist Sergei Buyna,

- The management and staff of the entertainment center "Elite Club",

- Cultural and Sports Complex of Ferroalloy Plant,

- And our old friend: the store "Prestige", "Press", "Uhtyshka", "style", "Intrigue", "Step", "Security Systems", "Konkort", "Diamond", "Casanova", "Electric" "Svetolyuks".

For the second time we had to met our good friend - Elena Volodina. But life teaches us and shows that the volunteer is not only person who organize money collection or concerts. Volunteer is a person, who sits by the bed of dying child, and then last child farewell, silently consoling parents. It happened. Lilechka Krivoshey left us. Elena stayed with her, with her parents. And tomorrow she has to find new strength. For fow many times? But ... Thank God for everything!

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