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Pilgrimage to Toplovsk convent

On September, 30 in Day of Saints Vera (Faith), Nadezhda (Hope) and Lubovy (Love) and their mother Sophia Remembrance, children, undergoing treatment in Oncology Department of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Children's Hospital, went to the pilgrimage. Priest Maxim with family joined us at this pilgrimage. Children, in the hope of healing, visited the convent, located in the Crimea.

Near the Belogorsk, surrounded by orchards, green forests and high mountains there is Topolevka village. In the XIX century, this Greek village was called Toplu, which means "the place, the country, and the terrain". Near the village, on the hillside of Kararau, through a dense forest, there is Toplovsky Trinity- Paraskevieva convent.

It is well-known the ancient story that Saint Paraskeva has undergone her last agony here. The rill was named in her honor. A lot of pilgrims visit this convent on weekdays and holidays for bathing in the healing waters of Saint Paraskeva rill, St George rill and Three Saints rill (which are located higher in the forest) to pray, to receive a blessing, and sometimes even saving words or advice.

By holy water rills influence, which are located at the convent, miraculous healings and other evidence gracious help to pilgrims often occur. In a special notebook people, who received healing from diseases, write their stories, praise the Lord.

"According to your faith it will be given to you" - these words of the Lord warmed and lifted the spirit of traveling children and their parents. Pilgrimage is really a big work, but the faith and the hope of healing overcome all the difficulties of a long journey. In the convent many of the children had Holy Communion, plunged into the healing springs, venerated the relics of St. Paraskeva nun (Rodimtseva) - the first abbess of Toplovsky connvent, visited the cave of ascetic grinders Constantine (in monasticism also Paraskeva).

In the monastery, there is a sense of holiness and healing properties of the air surrounding people. Leaving it all people felt the joy of contact with a holy place and a great desire to come back here again and again. On the way back, in the Simferopol pilgrims venerated the relics of St. Luke Crimean and St. Guria.

The pilgrimage was made possible by the support of the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant - a wonderful and comfortable bus was provided by the personal order of V.S. Kutsina. A team of ATC adequately prepared and implemented a trip. Children and parents are cordially thanking Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant, the foundation "Nikopol kids" for organizing the trip.

Irina Lagutina

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