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Summary report for June - 6 to July - 13

Take care of others, and they will take care of you.

On July, 21 it was a meeting of the Foundation Board. The questions:

1) Activity summary June, 6 to July, 13,

2) Foundation information stand forming at the places of collection boxes settings,

3) Allocation of funds, collected by cash-boxes,

3) The distribution of collected funds Cash-boxes,

4) Preparation to the "Day for Life" action.

As it is well-known, slogan of our foundation is “We do small, but with a lot of love”, so for this time it was not revolutionary deeds. It was just usual things: calls to the Oncology Department, to mothers, to volunteers, to pharmacies, transfers by minibuses.

Disturbing news from the Oncology Department "There is nothing to inject! Help!". We urgently take off money from the cash-boxes. Once again we thank our partners:

- PE Priymak - shop "Intrigue" - 2533 UAH.

- PE Kuzin - Shop "Step" - 255 UAH.

- PE Pavlov - shop "Style" - 1237 UAH.

- PE Ostapenko - Shop 'Svetolyuks " - 574 UAH.

- Shop "Diamond" - 275 UAH.

Total from the boxes - 4874 UAH.

We remind you, that our foundation sets 8 cash-boxes in our town.

Apart the mentioned, cash-boxes are placed at:

-Shop "Prestige", Trubnikov ave., 22,

-Shop "Security Systems", Chernobyl Heroes str.,17,

- Shop "Electric" Elektorometallurgov ave, Bus station district,

We will certainly inform you about number of boxes increasing. Each box will be accompanied with a folder that contains data about foundation registration, a request for assistance to children, acts of funds sampling, foundation details and contacts.

According to the foundation board council, funds were allocated as follows:

- 2000 UAH were transferred to Vanya Timoshenko mother account,

- 2500UAH were transferred to Oncology Department of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Children's Hospital to chemotherapy medicaments and consumables purchase,

- 374 UAH it was decided to leave at foundation account,

We thank the girl who incognito put 2000UAH to cash-box for Vanya Timoshenko. Besides we thank all our donators.

We thank all our supporters. If not for your help, a lot of kids would not get therapy. I bow to you, Nikopol citizens!

We have more good news. On our account it was received the first 200 UAH. The ice has broken!

We thank to all and ask to join the campaign "Day for Life".

The point of it is to make a decision of staffs, youth organizations, etc. to transfer one-day salary to help children with cancer. You are free to buy the necessary medicines, supplies, hygiene items and deliver them to offices or parents. You can transfer the days' wages to the card of parents or to the account of the foundation. Any way, call us, call to Oncology Department, where our children get treatment, and you will get information about all the needs of the children.

The company "Interpipe" seems to do first step in this direction, confident steps forward. And to you, dear friends, as well as youth from a ferroalloy plant and other enterprises.

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