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"I'll start again for the hundredth time again"

This site is not unusual farewell to the children. Yes, the children go away… We all become very attached to them at time they pass their way at the hospital walls. We all grieve when we lose them. But what about parents? In a month, in a year. Perhaps this is not right, but going shoulder-to-shoulder with their parents for long years, living with their problems, their pain, their joy and victory, we stop to communicate when the child leaves.

Margarita Gorbanenko. She is amazing woman. I was not familiar with her or her little suffered extraordinary beautiful girl Lerochka. But, I feel like I've known her all my life. Despite the pain of loss, she didn’t close, didn’t retreat into herself, she did not try to forget about everything.

No way. She is always interesting in situation at Oncology Department; send her best medical staff trying to help our children. She can be often seen in the forum with the nickname «mamar».

She has been participated in many our actions. And at this time, when she had known that we were going to buy functional beds to the Department for raised funds, joined us. She organized by her own show and fair, and a candle action. Summary, money, collected at Nikopol, added to our modest sum of 12000UAH. Today we can not purchase two beds!

Thank you very much to you, Margarita! I think Lera looks down from heaven and admires her mom! God Bless You! Guardian Angel for you!

Elena Volodina


From the first hand: On February 14, 2010 at the Center for Movement and Choreography "Valery", it was an action, where funds were raised for the functional beds purchase for Oncology Department of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Children's Hospital. Children's groups and donators succeeded each other. Creative teams collected money, and with tears in eyes gave them to the children, while wishing them speedy recovery. The flow of willing to help has not stopped the flow of willing to help and the next day. Thus, it was collected 5000 UAH and one hundred dollars. Final sum will be known tomorrow, when the last promised donation are put to the boxes.

"As long as the candle burns ..." This dance was dedicated to Lerochka and all our dear children who are no longer with us… I'll start again for the hundredth time again”

I'll start for the hundredth, thousandth, one hundred thousandth… Just be alive, dear!

Margarita Gorbanenko

Elena Volodina

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