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On February, 10 in Dnepropetrovsk Gorky Russian Drama Theatre it was held the first charity concert "To Live Tomorrow."
All together - the participants of the concert, favorite artists and those who helped in the organization and, of course, the audience - have seen of money "earning"! On that day, we managed to raise nearly 12000UAH. It was originally planned to spend this money to the multi-function medical bed, had been absent at the Oncology Department, I’d like to day.

But in the process of suitable model searching, it was detected that money is not enough, even for a single bed, except that only "so little functional". Recently I, watching film about hospital, I find myself thinking not to follow of film story, but consider in detail the medical equipment, beds, tables, infusion pumps.

Yes! We will not live so! These beds are like spaceships, which provides a seemingly everything, but cost so much, that I was embarrassed to voice them. In general, we were upset …

But then Margareta Gorbanenko, as I had written, had given us 5000UAH and 100USD after the same action holding in Nicopol, I straightened my shoulders and my search become much more "fun"!

And when constant helper Oksana Fix (company "Fikstreyd"), who has been assisted for our children for 3 years by medicaments purchase and holidays arranging, added us 12000UAH, here we have inflated the importance of the cheeks and pulled up their noses. With a sum of 30000 UAH, we could buy one, but the "very, very, very" good bed. But with the chief of department of A.P.Gladkiy we took, I hope, the right decision - to buy three just a "very good" bed. Two of them were traveled from Donetsk, and one on the way from Kiev.

And today, by gleaming panels, two beauties proudly entered the office!

They are designed in a special way - you can change the position of the dorsal part of the bed to raise and lower a certain degree. The bed has a special side panels that are easy to remove if necessary, which do not allow the patient to fall. There is infusion stand, wheels with brakes, so you can easily move it. We hope that these beds will create maximum comfort and convenience for our children and for the medical staff.

Both beds were "registered" in the Room Number 501. They were just "chosen" by Lily Krivoshey and Margarita Balakina. We wanted them to "a new place had a dream of bride groom!" Well, we have to wait for a third bed from Kiev, it was already promised for Dana Dashchenko.

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