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Some words about Victoria Rwacheva

That's the news we were informed by Victoria's Mother Natalia:

Victoria has completed the first protocol of treatment (duration – 118 days); the wound on her buttock started to heal by itself, so it made possible to avoid surgery. Besides, Victoria got chicken pox and was transferred to isolation hospital. Despite of whole month has passed, the chicken pox porks are not healing well, girl itches, so Victoria is nervous, irritable and not sleeping well at night.

Twice a day, the girl took anti-histamines medicaments and anti - itching injections. Before January, 1 girl with her mother went home on vacation for 2 weeks, and returned to the hospital.

Tests are unstable, tested parameters “fall” and “rise”. Victoria has no appetite, she barely eats. She wants and requests prohibited products; she really becomes thin, has weak immune system, and often asks to sleep.

Girl has starter her second chemotherapy protocol; she will be infused for 4 days. After that, if tests are well, she will be allowed to go home for a week and back again for treatment. In general, it will be repeated for three times.

For third treatment protocol proving it is necessary to purchase 25 tablets of the expensive medicament – Lanvis, total amount is 10000 UAH. Victoria’s parents ask you to HELP them to buy this medicament for the treatment of their daughter.

They express their gratitude to all people helping their child. Thank you very much! God bless You and your children.

Our Foundation also calls to our helpers not to pass away boxes for target support for Victoria and donate as much as you can. No matter the amount of the donation - together we will help the child to live and enjoy every day.

Also, you can donate by money transferring to the bank account of charitable foundation “Nikopol Kids” stating the reason “Rwacheva Victoria Treatment”.

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