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About D’olog Arseny

dologarsenij 003This news was written for us by Mother of D’olog Arseny

Now our family used to live on a schedule of our son Arseniy: inhalation, massage, medication and regular visits to the survey in the Dnepropetrovsk children's clinical hospital.

The last trip to the Department of pulmonology we seem to be the same.

dologarsenij foto 003But, unfortunately, the problems were showed up.

All summer the child badbly breathed through his nose. We thought its adenoids, and we were treated it to no avail.

Additional computer tomography and endoscopy of the nose nose showed a "tumor of the nasal cavity, covering the main and the left maxillary sinus".

Communication with oncologist and Lorom plunged us into shock. A week later the boy had the surgery. It only remained to wait for the histology results. Ten days seemed like an eternity.

Thank God, nothing happened. The result of histology - inflammation of the nasal polyps, and it is very common for patients with cystic fibrosis. Now treatment with hormones was added to the primary therapy. In December we have to goto Dnepropetrovsk on an otolaryngologist examination and for the decision about second surgery to remove polyps.

I want to say a BIG THANK to the People who in this difficult time for our state help to the sick children. Thanks to your support, not indifferent to the misfortunes of others we have a chance to fight the disease.

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