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Miracles occur where believe in them!

Today it really was done a miracle. I want to share with You the wonderful good news. Our money COLLECTION is CLOSED!

Today, on account of the International Charitable Foundation "Wave of Life" it was transferred 170000 UAH for our girl from an extraordinary person Dmitri, who just a week ago helped to close the collecting money for another ward of "Wave of Life" Foundation - Regina Nezhdanova.

We thank each of You for the help and support of Liza and her family! Thank you for Your prayers, concern and kind hearts! Deep bow to You our dear wizards! Health and all the best to You and all Your loved ones! God Bless You!

Current news about Lisa are:

Just now Professor called for talk Lisa’s parents and said, that Lisa had been totally tested, and everything is OK despite of passed manipulations and long-term high temperature. Chimerism showed that mother's cells have started their work on 99.98%, there are only 0.02% Liza’s cells. But the only thing he worried about: she has tested 23 lymphocyte indexes, and at this time there may be only 2-3. He can’t say exactly what kind of cells are there: old or new ones? If there are the cells of new immune system, it is very good, but strange and it sudden growth can explain the high temperature.

Professor remains in hospital for the weekend; doctors will always take tests and observe the lymphocytes.

The temperature of Lisa subsided to 38,6 and she started to talk and play a little.

Here is our news today.

Please pray for Elizabeth.

We wish Liza speedy recovery and return home!

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