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About David Shoter

From a letter to Mom David Shoter

Good day, thank you very much who helps our son David (Svyatoslav - in baptism), God bless you and all the best. David passed the next course of rehabilitation center "Orlya" in the near future will bear the Dnepropetrovsk hospital for teeth treatment under general anesthesia, as in these children are not treated, and many spoiled teeth which do not fall out, but a fistula was found..

In late October, so it is necessary to go to the hospital in Dnepropetrovsk, remove ear shunts that were installed last year in Kiev in ENT Institute (adenoids given complications in the ears - 2 sided otitis media, my son started to hear bad).

Just as soon as it is necessary to pass control MRI with contrast control after removal of a tumor of the brain stem.

In the right eye tears and no corneal opacity (the eye cannot see, only reacts to light), needs daily eye drops to moisten it, as well as that would prevent the inflammatory process.

Son can walk more confident , but throws right leg to the side, right arm as broken coordination (training in gymnastics and fine motor skills).

Anyone interested, says he wants to school, but I decided that this year will teach him at home because we are not allowed to class, we are waiting for home schooling. As every mother I'd like to believe that I can pick up son and like all first-graders he will go to school!

Once again, thank all for help sonny, all the good people and a huge thank to the Fund

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