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The first step has been done. The next together steps are important.

It turned out to collect the part of so huge sum (it is necessary to collect 50 thousand EUR), to persuade the German clinic to take the child with down payment, to change the tickets, to get a place.

Lizaha Fateeva – so mother name her loving daughter- went to the University Hospital in Würzburg. At the beginning of the treatment it was so hard to think about amount, which should save the child's life. But, according to God's will, it worked out. Now, relying on the thoroughness of German medicine, we have to go to the victory.

Marathon, announced in early September in Nikopol, has brought its good results.

For a month we were able to collect in boxes 10023UAH. It was transferred to our foundation for girl treatment: school number 20 donated 3420 UAH, school number 14 - 177 UAH, school number 9 - 4316 UAH, school number 4 - 395 UAH. 20000 UAH were donated by the most our weighty benefactor Кristof Reiva. 5000 UAH were donated by the family of Arsirovoy Nastia. This girl has recently struggled with the insidious disease. Liza’s Mom and Dad not cease to thank all the people around for their help and support, but the biggest work of saving their child they have done by themselves. It could not be by another way in a family, where people support, love and mountain each other.

We do not forget that this fee is not over, and we still need to collect 50,000EUR, because the total amount of treatment was 210000EUR, and it was paid 160000EUR to the hospital.

But is there for insoluble problems for Nikopol citizens? Let’s do a little deal, but with great love! We will succeed!

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