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Sofia Savitskaya has visited Truskavets

What a joy to meet at the happy parents of our wards! We are talking. Talking about children, life, difficulties. As a result, all the parents feel a sea change in consciousness, in relation to themselves, to people, to the surroundings.

Today I've had such a pleasant meeting with father of Sophia Sawickaya.

I've been happy seeing a loving father and just a nice, happy and purposeful young man. With what delight he has been talking about visit to Doctor Kozijavkin Rehabilitation Centre in Truskavets and about small victories of his daughter. That's for the sake of such a small happy events it's worth to live for.

And now I will tell all about it. With the help of donators of our Foundation Sofia has visited a rehabilitation course in Truskavets. The girl's parents were not expecting anything unusual from the trip. But what was their surprise when they saw the wonders which they were not expected to see in Ukraine.

On arrival they were sent to the video test: a camera was filming a child in a familiar environment. Doctors watched Sophia, noticed the problems and prescribed a schedule of procedures.

There is a punctual and attentive staff, no tiring queues in the clinic. There is also a huge game rooms, rest rooms, offices of specialists. Courtesy and respect for customers reigns everywhere . Sofia was appointed massages, physical therapy and other procedures that were carried out with great professionalism.

Sofia's parents thank everyone who donated to the Fund and helped to approach a desired goal of recovery of their daughter. We join in the parents' dreams and wish to get better soon.

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