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About Danya Barabash

It is rather difficult situation with Daniil Barabash. On September, 12 he got last preoperative chemotherapy. And the boy was sent to the National Cancer Institute for surgery. For all this time everything was not the way we would want it to be: runny nose, bad analyzes and donor’s blood absence- so our boy couldn’t get surgery.

We and his parents were worried a lot. Because tumor is growing very rapidly and may again exceed the operable range without the effects of chemotherapy.

But, in our case it was not so! The tumor has not grown, and Danya was successfully operated on December, 7. Doctors removed the affected area of his liver. Today he goes for a walk by himself.

All the time mom and dad are with him. His father is focused and caring, he prepares and drive lunches for his son and wife. Besides, his younger son is with him.

We with you enough forces, our dear! Parents are grateful to the stuffs of Nikotyub and Nikopol Ferroalloy Plants, Church of the Nativity of the Virgin and priest Vitaly Efremov for the opportunity to treat son. Dad said, that they will get marry at once after Daniil curing. It’s a case of spiritual renewal of people.

Good Luck!

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