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Necessary for the Dnipropetrovsk regional hospital

The effectiveness of cancer treatment depends on many factors, but one of the most important is the availability of modern medical equipment, technical devices, communications equipment, all necessary medications and comfortable sanitary conditions.

For all of this the Oncology Department needs:


5% (400 ml / 200 ml). Need: 150 flacons


10% (400 ml / 200 ml). Need: 50 flacons

Catheter G24.

Need: 50 pcs

Catheter G22.

Need: 100 pcs

System B-braun for infusion pump.

Need: 100 pcs

Adhesive plaster "Omnifix".

(5x10, 10x10)

Preparation "Osetron".

(4 mg, 8 mg), 10 am

Preparation "Tropisitron".

(5 mg), 25 am

Infusion pump

Medical bed

Bedside table

Implantation port

Bed linen

Fume hood.

Estimated price:

50000 hryvnia

If you want to help with the acquisition of the necessary equipment or medications, you can buy the necessary things and pass them to the Department. To do this contact the Head of the Department or employee of the Foundation in order to obtain complete information.

Regional Children's Hospital

Address: Dnipropetrovsk city, Kosmicheskaya 13

Department of elective surgery

Telephone +38 (056) 713-64-19

Head of Department: Gladkiy Alexander Petrovich

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