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Non-financial assistance

Very often people who want to help children just do not have the financial means. But they have the desire to help. And we are constantly talking about the fact that everyone can help - not only the financial help is important! We have already mentioned about the nessesity of blood donation for children.

Also a great help you can provide, informing others about the problem of a particular child.

How to help?

You can:

- tell all your friends, acquaintances, colleagues about the request of the parents or relatives of the concrete child,

- to place a link or banner about a child on your website (there are variants of banners on the pages "How to Help"),

- if you are a regular at any forum, place there the information about a child, you want to help,

- make in your electronic signature link to the website of the child:

- print the flyer and place it near your house, in the neighborhood, in the city,

- add information about a child or a banner in groups, forums, websites, blogs, LiveJournal, or ask your friends or acquaintances,

- address the media, if it's possible (parents often give the documents and information after the verification of the identity of volunteers),

- any other ideas to disseminate information are always welcome.

If you are the owner of shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, cafes and restaurants:

Please put the leaflets about the child, you want to help, on the shop-window or at the box office! It costs nothing for you, but in such way more and more people learn about a trouble of the child and this child would have a chance to collect the necessary sum for treatment more quickly!

You can also place a cash-box for collecting financial aid for a concrete child - it would be an invaluable support to him and his parents!

In any case you just do not stay away from the children's troubles. We can always find how to help, we need only your wish...

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