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Financial accountability

July - August 2012 financial report

During the period from July 9 till August 10, 2012 there was raised 11912 UAH. Most of it was got out from the donation boxes. Also there was one private donation.

42 597 UAH was distributed between children that are under charity wardship.

More detail you can find in the spreadsheet.


July - August 2012
Income, UAH.Spending directions, UAH.
“Prestige” store 692 For Ohotneyk Fedia med. treatment 7000
“Style” store 1207 For Diolog Arseniy med. treatment 1000
“Electric” store 60 For Shoter David med. treatment 2000
"Okhrannye sistemy" store 564 For Zykov Nikita med. treatment 500
"Svetoliuks" store 1700 For Balashov Denis to perform necessary surgery 9000
"Konkort" store 130 For Fomina Liuba med. treatment 7170
"Kazanova" store   For Shovkuta Anastasiia med. treatment 6700
"Poliana" store 400 For Stupak Maria med. treatment 1000
"Pressa" store tw. Kamenskoe 50    
"Intriga" store   To the acquisition of the necessary medical equipment 1000
"Flora" store 465 On-going charity expenses 620
"Alina" store tw. Kamenskoe 345 To the acquisition of the necessary medicines for the hospital 5040
"Step" store   To the acquisition of the donation boxes 1567
Temple of Mother of God icone "Vsekh skorbiashchikh radoste" 619    
Temple Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy sobor 2680    
Charity events      
Private donations 3000    
Total income for the period from 09.07 till 10.08: 11912 UAH Total amount of distributed funds for the period from 09.07 till 10.08: 42597 UAH

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