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Anton Boljelarskiy

Anton Boljelarskiy

The child: Anton Boljelarskiy - 16.08.2006

Diagnosis: Dysplasia of connective tissue syndrome Ehlers-Danlos is associated with mitochondrial failure. Protein-energy malnutrition II degree. The dysplasia, flat valgus feet, habitual subluxation of all the joints. Vegetative-vascular dystonia of mixed type, cerebrospinal hypertension. Epilepsy. Prolapse of the mitral valve of the heart. The Dysbiosis stage III. Pancreatitis. Ketoacidosis etc.

This cheerful and smiling young boy…meet – this is Anton!

In the first hours after the birth the body temperature rose to 39 °C. On the second day it was an epileptic seizure! He was discharged from the hospital to home and after a week the baby lost sleep... The baby yelled a lot and mom couldn't do anything to calm him down.

The trips to doctors in Dnepropetrovsk began. Hospitals, examinations, tests, treatment. Up to a year Anton had already undergone cyst treatment in the brain, heart, hip joints, nervous and genitourinary systems, GIT.

From 2 to 4 years, growth and weight gain stopped! In all the organs violations were found in the work! Insufficiency of enzymes for digestion and assimilation of food! Now, in 10 years, with a normal appetite and growth, the weight is 23 kg.! Anemia, very low immunity, exhaustion of the body of the extreme stage!

Anton passed a huge number of analyzes, examinations, the patient treatment, hospitals and doctors! But, despite his difficult childhood, Anton is very inquisitive, intelligent, kind, loves animals and nature. He is fond of Astronomy, Exology, has a talent for drawing, modeling, designing. He likes to play chess and watch scientific films about space and planets, he reads a lot. He is sociable, dreams of having friends, to going to school and to walking on the playground like all children, to doing sports, to riding a bicycle, and when it grows up to travel!

At the end of 2016, to all previously diagnosed diagnoses, in Kiev in the Children's Specialized Hospital "OHMATDET" Anton is diagnosed: connective tissue dysplasia (CTD). The species requires specification. In the Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics and Gynecology in Kiev, a geneticist established the type of CTD: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome associated with mitochondrial insufficiency.

This disease is genetic and it is the cause of all disorders in the work of the whole organism! The prognosis is favorable, with timely and correctly selected treatment!

Anton urgently needs to do molecular research. They will give an opportunity to receive the right treatment, thanks to which Anton will be able to live and grow normally, like his peers! They are made in Germany, the cost is about 336 000 hryvnia !!! And also Anton must constantly take special food Resource-Junior or Resource-Optimum, the drug Trimetabol and other medications to support the vital functions of his body!

Anton's family is a mother and an older brother. Since his birth, his mother does not work, because she need constant care for her son! It is unreal to collect such a sum of money for Anton's family!

Therefore, the charitable foundation "Children of Nikopol" and the boy's mother ask all kind and sympathetic people to help Antoshka!!! Together we can give the boy a chance to live a full life! Anton loves life very much and proves it constantly, from the birth!

You can help by transferring funds to the settlement account of the fund with the purpose of payment "Charitable Assistance for Boljelarskiy Anton".

Payment details of the Foundation:

BENEFICIARY: Charity Fund "Nikopol's children»

ACCOUNT: 26009050226968



49094, Ukraine Dniepropetrovsk

Naberezhnaya Pobedy 50






CORR.ACCOUNT: 6231605145


Anton Boljelarskiy Anton Boljelarskiy Anton Boljelarskiy Anton Boljelarskiy Anton Boljelarskiy Anton Boljelarskiy Anton Boljelarskiy


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