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Bogdan Orlichenko

Orlichenko Bogdan

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Orlichenko Bogdan Sergeevich - 14.01.1999

Diagnosis: Lymphoma of Hodgkin 1A st., With defeat of axillary lymph nodes on the right of cl.2

Here he is, our new ward, Bogdan Orlichenko. A young guy with a sense of humor! For publication on our website, from all the photos he chose this one - photos from the hospital ward in pink pajamas!!!

But the situation in which the guy turned out to be no joke! He was diagnosed with CANCER, namely Lymphoma Hodgkin. Now he is undergoing treatment in the hematology department of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. He needs to undergo two courses of chemotherapy with Doxorubicin, Bleomycin, Vinblastine and Dakarbazin, then go through the examination and consult about further treatment at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Kiev.

Bogdan lived the usual life of a teenager. He finished the 11th grade, was preparing for graduation and admission to the university. Once he discovered a swelling under the arm on the right - it was an inflamed lymph node. Have made US, by results of which the doctor informed that it is necessary to make a biopsy.

After examinations, Bogdan removed the inflamed lymph node and sent it to a histology in the NCI in Kiev. There the final diagnosis was established - lymphogranulomatosis (Lymphoma Hodgkin) 1A st. There, the guy underwent the first three courses of chemotherapy.

Means for Bogdan's treatment are needed not small and the financial possibilities of the family can no longer cover all expenses!

CF " Nikopol’s Children", Bogdan and his family, we ask you for help! Please help the guy to overcome the terrible disease and live a full life! He is still young, life is just beginning... And we know that there are people who are not indifferent, ready to help Bogdan!

You can help by transferring funds to the current account of the fund with the MANDATORY purpose of payment "Charitable assistance for the treatment of Orlichenko Bogdan".

Payment details of the Foundation:

BENEFICIARY: Charity Fund "Nikopol's children»

ACCOUNT: 26009050226968



49094, Ukraine Dniepropetrovsk

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Orlichenko Bogdan


Orlichenko Bogdan Orlichenko Bogdan Orlichenko Bogdan Orlichenko Bogdan

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