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Alexander Lozovoy

On may 6, 2014 at noon in the Itailian clinic our San'ka Lozovoy departed into the Lord. His body did not cope with the serious complications that occurred after unrelated donor transplantation. Tanya and her son fought selflessly, but not everything in this world is subject to us, is understandable for us. We mourn together with Tanya and relatives of the little hero. The Kingdom of heaven to you, our little knight.

Alexander Lozovoy, Date of birth: 21.01.2008

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, "common". Bone marrow relapse.

Blood group A(II)Rh+

Baptized in the Orthodox Church the name Alexander.

In June 2010, when Sasha was barely eighteen years old, he was diagnosed with this terrible disease - leukemia, blood cancer. Modest young family from the small town of Nikopol would never have coped with this trouble alone! Then Sanka with all of you has passed the difficult way to recovery. It was everything: the intensive care unit more than once, and the search for donors, fear, pain and full of despair. The help was coming from everywhere, from different cities, countries and even continents!!! Thank you to everyone who was around - prayed, sacrificed their blood and money, shared warmth!

During a two-year remission, kid slowly began to forget that he had to overcome. His life was full of simple childhood pleasures, began to forget the pain, fear and tears.

But now the disease has returned... And this hard way of fighting for his life the child should pass again! Again pain, fear, injections, IVS, catheters, blood transfusion and long days, weeks and months of battle to the finish! Treatment is long, heavy and very expensive. And we again ask for help from You, friends!

After the third chemotherapy block it was managed to enter Sania into remission. This means that it is nessesary as soon as possible to do the surgery for a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor, because the sister does not match as a donor. Today we have to pay for the donor search abroad. This will cost approximately 15 thousand euros.

The next stage is the marrow transplantation. It is likely to be made in Italy and it will require about 150 thousand euros. In our city, this is the first case of unrelated transplantation. It is scared of the amount, but as they say:"fear the eyes and hands ... donate".

I hope that in the period of lent every citizen will remember that this period - a period of prayer and charity. All will be well; we will be able, if we work a little.

We need blood donors And(II)Rh+, preferably men!!

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BENEFICIARY: Charity Fund "Nikopol's children»

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