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Valeriy Ivanov

Thanks for the help, the treatment is over!!! Help requests are closed!

We would like so much, our children grow up healthy, well-behaved, and educated. It’s the desire of every parent. But, and it’s really sorry, life is not made up of our desires, it consists of actuality.

Some parents dream that their child has mastered foreign languages, others wish the child were the a virtuoso musician, some parents wish their child has stood firmly on his/her own feet, independently went down into the courtyard and all sorts of other "stuff" seemingly normal for us.

We were applied by five-year-old kid parents. They required us to help them in their difficult struggle with grief, which is called cerebral palsy.

"Hello! Parent of this so sweet boy apply to you. Our Valera is sick, he's got cerebral palsy. We give all our love, affection, attention to him, but would like to give health, and that we simply can't afford. We both work, but our costs to restore the health of the son are so large, that payments from 3 jobs are not enough to pay for rehabilitation courses, which are proposed by clinics.

Valeriy was born prematurely at the age of 28 weeks weighing 1020 grams and growth 36 sm. We need a lot of effort and funds to care him. The baby was 3 months in the hospital for nursing and, and he was discharged from hospital with weigh in 2000 grams. Then there were many courses of rehabilitation, after which he was able to hold his head in 8 months, to sit in 1,1 year, to move independently in 3 years. He is now almost five years. He keeps the equilibrium badly, does not stand on his right leg, so he can not walk independently.

But because of our Nicopol medical rehabilitation, we can see new successes for all time. For further treatment we were referred to the clinic of Dr. Kozyavkin, but we have to pay for rehabilitation course. We got from the clinic invitation and bill on almost 19 thousands. Of course, we’ll do our best to earn something, but we realize that we are not able to do it by ourselves until November. So, we appeal to the good people - help! Help us to collect this money to fulfilled our dream!

I’d like to add my thoughts: We got acquaintance and Valeriy seemed me to be so beautiful, smart and funny kid. I really dislike this word, but now they say “promising” kid. This means that he has all the chances, if not to recover, but e to be active in school and not in school, play in the yard, and become a support to his parents.

Simple, modest, I would say, even a humble family, moves quietly, but purposefully to their little victory. And the victory is sure to be, because the world is not without kind people. We will help. But we have very little time until November. Time is passing away…

Having transferred means into account fund "Children of Nikopol" with a mark "On treatment of Valeriy Ivanov".

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BENEFICIARY: Charity Fund "Nikopol's children»

ACCOUNT: 26009050226968



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CORR.ACCOUNT: 6231605145


Thanks for the help, the treatment is over!!! Help requests are closed!

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