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Dialog Arseniy

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Child: Dialog Arseniy, Date of birth: 25.11.2011

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, fibrosis of the liver

Our Arseniy is desired and loving child, funny and smart boy. At the age of 2.5 months, when he began to cough, became pale, he was diagnosed with swelling. His blood was testing- hemoglobin was 56, blood was not coagulated.

In Nikopol the child was blood transfused, because it was necessary to save the child. From our hospital by resuscitation ambulance he was delivered to Dnepropetrovsk hospital №6, where was free bed. It was two weeks in resuscitation department. Sometimes parent were allowed to see him, but not to take him in their arms, not to speak with the child. They thought only about his surviving.

Being at resuscitation department made him so slender, that aged 2,5 months the child weighed less than he was born. Doctors expressed their condolences. Then the boy stayed in the Department of infectious diseases next month.

All family savings, maternity and baby money were used for treatment. I thank co-workers of me and my husband for their donations. Later among many other diagnoses it was suggested cystic fibrosis.

We visited the Krivoy Rog genetic center to test chlorides sweat, genetic analysis. And we hoped it was just a mistake, this can't happen to us. Why? For what?

It was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis mixed form (with pancreatic insufficiency). CYSTIC FIBROSIS IN UKRAINE SOUNDS LIKE A DEATH SENTENCE!!!

It is a serious genetic disease that affects the internal organs; there are disturbances of natural process of breathing and digestion. Unfortunately, now this disease is incurable! At the age 2, the boy was diagnosed with liver fibrosis.

But adequate therapy makes possibly a full life living, despite of this disease. To maintain the normal condition, our son needs constant treatment: special diet, vitamins, massages, inhalation by nebulizer, expensive medications (mucolytics, antibiotics, enzymes, choleretic drugs) for every day taking. One of this medicaments- “Pulmozym”- costs 10,000 UAH per months and should be used for breathing every day. In our family only dad has a job, besides we have an older daughter.

We ask our donators to support the boy and his family. Assistance can be provided to the settlement account of the Fund specifying the payment purpose "Charity for the treatment Dialog Arseny"

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BENEFICIARY: Charity Fund "Nikopol's children»

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