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Valeria Parygina

13.02.1997 diagnosed osteogenic fracture, dislocation of the L1 vertebra

Valerie fifteen, more recently, she successfully performed in competitions nationwide level in sambo, but now bedridden. I well remember the day on April 29.

This day is celebrated World Day of Dance. We walked in the park with the girls from "Valerie" and meanwhile, another fell from a height of Valeria fifth floor of an abandoned construction site. As it happened, there is no point to raise. She wants to forget those terrible moments.

Praise the Lord. The child survived. But the severity of her condition on the face. The girl needed a complicated operation on the spine at the Kharkov Institute of Pathology Sitenko his spine. It took a spinal implant for the cost of 29,300 hryvnia.

Valerie's mother brings the child herself, moreover, it is disabled. Therefore, the material is not spoiled by the family, and they appealed for help to fund. Our fund has already helped the girl on the purchase of the implant in the amount of 5000 hryvnia and we hope that soon our Lerochka rise up and go, run to the gym. Go to your favorite coaches, in a familiar environment, and may ... want to dance? And we will rejoice with her at the prom. where it will spin and not to remember April 29 - World Day of Dance.

Treatment and rehabilitation is a long and, of course, need more financial support. As further surgery is planned, only this time to establish an implant in the anterior region of the spine.

Requisites for rendering assistance:

You can help her by transferring funds to the Foundation "Children of Nikopol" to indicate the purpose of payment: "for the treatment Pariginoy Valerie".

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