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Lyuba Fomina

The small blond little girl, which life only has begun. For treatment continuation. To eliminate the complications caused by action of chemotherapy expensive preparations of Fungizon and Vifend are necessary. The huge request to support the child financially, Treatment is not finished. And any complications involve additional expenses.

Lyuba - the schoolgirl of the second class of the eleventh school. As all children of its age, studied, played, loved the big united family. All as at all. Only in October of last year with the girl it has started something to be created.

The child began to complain of weariness, headaches, began to overcome cough and other symptoms of cold. Certainly, mum with the child has addressed in polyclinic, but disease has not been revealed, to the girl have diagnosed vegetativevascular a dystonia that, according to doctors, and caused frequent faints of the child.

And Lyubochke all became worse. When in one day all body has become covered by bruises, the girl delivered in oncohematological branch of the Dnepropetrovsk regional clinical hospital where the diagnosis sharp lymphoblastic leucosis has been made. Further the diagnosis has been confirmed by the main thing oncology Ukraine Donskoj S.B.

There is begun treatment. Valery's mum with the daughter are in hospital. Treatment is necessary long, difficult and very expensive. The family very much needs the help, both moral, and financial. To the child blood transfusions and because a considerable quantity of children to which transfuse blood, catch hepatitises C, G donors are necessary "checked up", that is surveyed on viruses of hepatitises C, G in Dnepropetrovsk constantly are required.

In case of Ljubochki the problem of "oncological vigilance» doctors has again revealed. Not a secret that many doctors when in the life did not face the oncological diagnosis. It was earlier.

And now … now the children's cancer became not a rarity. Without blaming whom, we want to remind all who faces such symptoms: weariness, an indisposition, temperature within two weeks, pouring out on a skin, hematomas on a body, small scattered dark blue points standing, DO the DEVELOPED ANALYSIS of BLOOD! The earlier disease is revealed, the smaller quantity of blood cages regenerates in blast.

Ljubochke we wish to pass more likely all this way and to come back to the amicable and remarkable class which led by the teacher Natalia Vladimirovnoj, at once have rushed to the aid. Only thanks to parents and their children, at once it was possible to solve the first financial problems, problems with donors. We hope that such strong support at Ljubochki will be always.

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